Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Bit Too Excited?

I love watching mascot shenanigans. One of my favorite sports moments is when the Kansas City Chiefs rat/mouse mascot.....why does a team called the Chiefs have a rat/mouse mascot? Anyways the mascots was riding on a scooter through the field and dove off into the refs as they were having a meeting. Everyone fell and the refs looked pissed though I'd hope that they had been consulted about the little move before hand.

What I can't understand is the mascot that gets an attitude and thinks of themselves as some cartoon gangsta. I know it must be difficult to convince people you're tough as you sit in a Barney costume, but that's your freaking job. Mascots are at a game to be fun and jovial, not to bow up to the opponent and act all Sopranos on them (you'd think the costume would give that away.)

But every year there is some mascot play-fight that goes horribly awry and turns into a legitimate beat down.

The latest contretemps involving mascots happened between the New Mexico State's 'Pistol Pete' and Utah States 'Big Blue.'

Pistol Pete, who looks like he's wearing a child cowboy uniform with a fake mustache and a New Mexico State flag draped over him like a superhero cape, apparently was enraged at the Blue Ox mascot for
a prank.

A Utah State fan offered the mascot $100 if he'd go and steal Pistol Pete's mustache. The mascot complied and ripped Pistol Pete's mustache right off. Apparently this is not what you do to Pistol Pete as he jumped on Big Blue and tried to choke the Ox at mid-court before he was pulled away. Yikes. Pistol Pete has been suspended for his attack.

This isn't the only display of mascot rage in college sports. Just last year Oregon's duck really went street hoodlum on the Houston Cougar mascot during a football game early in the year. The duck exacerbated the confrontation by grabbing his crotch in a classy display of manners and mutual respect.

I found it hilarious because it was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. But things are getting out of hand now. Too much mascot abuse.

The next time a mascot war escalates, we need Samuel L. Jackson via "Pulp Fiction" to stick his nasty Ge
ri Curled head into the fray and yell "Bitch be Cool!" He'll put those war mongers into place.

And then maybe he can convince Nick Saban to quit his job and wander the world in the name of God. Okay, now I'm dreaming.

For several instances of Mascots Gone Wild, check several videos I posted below.

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