Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Comedy in Spaaaace!

So you don't like Stephen Colbert's biting political wit? Too bad. You can't escape him on earth and now you may not be able to escape him in orbit.

Colbert recently found out that the naive scientists at NASA actually allowed write in votes for the naming of the new space station module being launched. Naturally, he
wasn't going to ignore this opportunity and urged his fans to write in for his name.

Actually, I think NASA got off easy since all he wanted was the name "Colbert." He could have asked for "Gooore!" or "Marry Me, Oprah." and worked his thaumaturgy to really do something in poor taste. But Colbert is better than that.

Naturally, a cyber war began once people realized that Colbert was a serious threat to the
naming of the space station. I'm guessing NASA assumed people would simply vote for one of the four suggested NASA names (like 'Serenity' really gets everyone jazzed up.) But they allowed people write in votes and before you know it, Colbert fans had secured a victory for the political comedy blowhard.

A NASA spokesman says that they reserve the right in the naming process, but NASA should shun Colbert at their own risk. The last thing the space organization needs to do is to reach out to the public only to shun them.

It's in space! Just give Colbert his name and learn your lesson: Colbert fans outnumber the people genuinely interested in science.

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