Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grab Your Telescope, The Huggins Comet Is Coming This Year!

Bob Huggins hates me.

At least that's my conclusion after I once again fell victim to the Huggins hype and picked West Virginia to move on several rounds in my NCAA bracket.

Then I got to watch the sixth seeded Mountaineers stumble around like they were sleep walking and lose to the eleven seeded Dayton Flyers.

I knew a Dayton upset was very possible, but Huggins seems to have teams that advance into the tournament when they aren't expected to. Just last year, West Virginia was a seven seed that upset Duke and then gave Xavier all they could handle in the Sweet Sixteen round.

I thought this year might be similar since the Mountaineers seemed to catch fire at the right time as they took out top seed Pitt in the Big East Tournament.

But they weren't on fire. Now I just want to light them on fire for making me feel stupid yet again.

But looking back, I should have known better and now I'm confident I've figured out the veracity of Huggins. Teams under Huggins (Both in Cincinnati and West Virginia) seem to have a
tournament schedule like a solar eclipse, leap year, or a passing comet. Over the past 15 years, a Huggins team has advanced past the first weekend of play once every four or five years.

year West Virginia made it to the Sweet Sixteen round. That means that the Mountaineers should be a lock to advance around the year 2013, so adjust your schedules accordingly.

If We
st Virginia actually does make it out of the first round in the next few years, we'll know two things:
A.) My brackets have once again been screwed
B.) Bob Huggins really does hate me. What a heartless bastard.

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