Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Job For The Dogs?

Who knows if it was due to Kobe cheating on her or lead to Kobe cheating on her, but apparently Vanessa Bryant is a raging psycho beast. At least according to the Bryant's former maid.

The maid is suing the basketball couple because Vanessa was allegedly verbally abusi
ve to her in front of others and accused her of stealing.

Things got really bad when Mrs. Bryant apparently ordered the maid to stick her hand into a pile of dog feces in order to retain a price tag from a $690 dress the maid had accidentally put into the washer. Bryant wanted the tag so she could deduct the p
rice from the maid's salary.

There are a obviously a couple of questions that have to be answered:

First, why does Vanessa Bryant feed price tags to her dog?
Second, is the maid telling the truth or does she just want a slice of the Bryant pie?

Kobe and Vanessa are battling the accusations saying they are completely false.

The case doesn't sound like it has a lot of tangible evidence to prove one thing or another and might ju
st come down to a she said/ she said battle which is always pointless in a courtroom.

From my experiences though, history is not on Vanessa Bryant's side.

During my stints in the soul sucking industry known as New York high-end catering, I've had the not pleasure of working many parties thrown by rich and famous people. Whenever there is a bad experience that involves yelling or tantrums, 90% of the time the wife is the one doing the abusing. My girlfriend has worked some of these parties and agrees with me that the wife is generally the culprit.

I don't know if it's because the wife has nothing better to do, if she knows she doesn't make the money so this is her outlet for power, if she's frustrated over her husband's misdeeds and this is how she copes, or if it's just a woman craziness thing. All I know is that if I was in any sort of propinquity to these women, I found a reason to get away. Fast.

So we'll see what plays out in this case, but I'm won't be surprised if we hear all sorts of tales about Mt. Vanessa blowing her top at the help.

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