Wednesday, March 4, 2009

not Breaking News: Randy Johnson Is Still A Moody Assbag

So Randy Johnson faced is old team in spring training yesterday.... I guess I should qualify that by saying the Arizona Diamondbacks.
-The Ya
nkees are his old old team
tle Mariners are his old old old team.
-The Arizona Diamondbacks circa 2000 are his old team once removed
-The Montreal Expos are his now defunct team

What I learned from this game is that
A.) Johnson still has a nasty slider that can strike anyone out (he struck out seven of the 12 batters he faced yesterday)
B.) A life in
California has yet to mellow Johnson out
C.) There are Bay area baseball writers who will jump on board with any player who
wears a Giants uniform

Johnson ap
parently is still angry about the Diamondbacks not bringing him back for a final season or two because he spent the post game taking little shots at his former home team. The most notable shot being that Johnson considers Seattle his sentimental home despite Johnson having two different stints with Arizona including his World Series season in 2001, and an off-season home there.

got his wits about him and tapered down the temerity shortly after the game, but he made it known he wasn't happy with the Diamondbacks for letting him go. Now if there were only a New York cameraman nearby....

I understand some of his anger since the Diamondbacks made him a low-ball offer that screamed "We don't really want you back." That never sits well with a professional athlete and Arizona would have been better off just telling Johnson they were going in a different direction.

But c'mon Unit, you're 45 years old! This guy has been with several teams throughout his long career and he still takes everything personally? He acts like this is the first time a team has let him go. The Diamondbacks got 16 years younger at pitching by signing Jon Garland to eat up innings. Even a prideful athlete should recognize that move.

Frankly, I'm surprised San Francisco offered good money to the Unit. He's a medical marvel, but logic says he won't be around much longer and it's not like San Francisco is knocking on the championship door. All I can think of is that the Giants want to have another player reach a milestone in their uniform (300 wins in this case) since the Barry Bonds experience was just so much fun.

Will congrats Giants fans, you will probably get your chance to offer up the hollow cheers to a transient pitcher who only showed up to the Bay area because the Giants showed him the money. Bring junior to the game so he can tell his grandkids about experience. And order the garlic fries, they're really good.


  1. He'll get some extra mileage out of that park. It's difficult to hit it out there, unless you're some kind of 'roided up monster freak, but I can't think of anybody like that.

  2. I don't really think they exist. They're just urban legends like a dismembered hand or a Clippers fan.