Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is Jones Jonesing For Another Jones?

For everyone's sake, I hope not.

But according to, "league sources" have said that the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets are most likely the teams to have interest in free-agent coke-head receiver Matt Jones.

I don't kno
w if league sources means someone employed by the NFL or some guy the editor from Newsday was drinking Irish Car Bombs with on Tuesday night, but I'm pretty sure you can rule out the Cowboys from the Jones short list.

Can't you?

I would hope the Jerry Jones would understand the irony of the situation if he cut T.O. because of team chemistry and image issues only to replace him with Matt Jones. If you are hazy on the detai
ls of Jones over the past year, just look at his list of news stories. Basically, the good news about Matt Jones stopped in early November.

But this is Jerry Jones we're talking about here. Mr. Gambler who brings in people like Pac-Man Jones and T.O. because he knows they will behave under his charisma and marketing genius. Well, sort of. Okay, not really. But damnit, Jones will keep trying.

Everyone points out that Matt Jones is an Arkansas alumnus which can't hurt Jerry's interest in him. Plus, at one point during last season Matt Jones was actually a productive receiver. At one point he ranked as one of the top five third down receivers in t
he NFL. He has talent.

He's also a moron. And as much as Jerry Jones loves the spotlight I'm guessing not even he wants the heat if he spends an off-season of cleaning up the Dallas Cowb
oys image (again) by bringing in a recently released wide receiver who just got out of jail. I just see images of a florid Jerry up at the podium trying to spin his recent signing as a good move while media members lob bombs at him from all sides. I don't think his smile would last very long during the press conference.

Now I see that it is 9:20 PST which means that it's time for everyone to stop the actual productive things they are doing and try to figure out a way to watch every possible minute of the March Madness tournament. Wearing glass slippers is optional depending on your fetish.

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