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I'm Big Time Now

I've gone national!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fantasy Football PantsCast December 22

Happy Holidays and Fantasy Playoffs to you!

In this PantsCast Joe Keyes and I remember why we're thankful for the NFL even when our fantasy squads bomb, plus we have all of the weekly awards and a sob story of the week.

As a bonus, you get to hear my husky, cold induced voice.

Oh Come All Ye Fantasy Faithful and listen to the PantsCast

Monday, December 21, 2009

There Are Just Too Many NFL Teams That Play Like Ass

Are you forced to follow a dolorous team that leaves you feeling as fulfilled as Tony Siragusa after a Weight Watchers meal?

Well, apparently NFL players are feeling similar and are choosing passive aggressive ways to display their dissatisfaction.

First, as you may recall from an earlier post, Devin Hester was none too pleased with the play of his Chicago Bears and chose to let the world know:
Now we see Tommy Kelly of the Oakland Raiders letting everyone know what he thinks of the silver and black.

Don't give me that "it was an accident" crap either. Two players on awful teams showing the world their backside? That is a trend, folks. I'd be careful if I were the Raiders. They might get a, ahem, taste of their own medicine since they play the Browns next week. Ewwwwww, Browns!

Kill me.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Maybe It Was The Best Time

By now you've all heard enough about Bengals receiver Chris Henry's unfortunate death to know the following:

-He had a checkered past
-He supposedly had a bright future.

Henry ran into trouble in college in West Virginia where he was told by then coach Rich Rodriguez that he was an embarrassment to himself and the program. He was considered a huge character risk coming into the NFL draft, but Cincinnati gave him a chance when they made him a third round pick in the 2005 draft.

Henry quickly showed why he was a character risk by getting arrested multiple times and being suspended for by the NFL for his conduct five different times. On the field, he showed flashes of brilliance as he stretched the field with his speed and opened things up for teammates.

His diaphanous acceptance of the rules are what made the Bengals cut him. His talent is why they brought him back in for another chance.

When Cincinnati cut him and brought him back, something seemed to click in Henry's head. He suddenly stopped acting the fool and worked hard at his profession and at being a better dad to his children.

His teammates and coaches had nothing but positive things to say about him from the beginning of this season all the way up to his death. And maybe that was for the best.

For all we know, Henry could have had a major relapse and began acting like an idiot again thereby ruining the gains he had made. He could have been lost when his football career ended and fallen into to drugs or another illegal activity that landed him in prison and ruined the lives of his kids.

I prefer to think that he died at the top of his game. He seemed to have figured things out and that's how everyone will remember him. His children can remember their dad as someone who died a good man and no one can tell them different.

Did he die too young? Of course. But he lived just long enough to get it right, which is something to be thankful for.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fantasy Football PantsCast December 15

It's fantasy football playoff time and we discuss some of the crazy performances this week that undoubtedly affected your leagues.

We also discuss the issue of pre-game traffic. Why do drivers become such a-holes in game day traffic? Is it something about going to the game, or are there just that many jerk drivers out there?

Plus we have all of the weekly awards for cream of the crop and the cream of the crap.

So chill baby! Listen as we Cast our Pants!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Trip To Cowboys Stadium

I was pretty cynical about my first trip to Cowboys Stadium. To hear Jerry Jones describe it, the numinous billion dollar stadium would provide an unmatched sports watching experience with the gigantic video screen and most up to date amenities.

Then again, Jones would talk like that about a pile of lumber if he thought he might be able to make a sale. I had my reservations.

My mood was darker on the way to the game as pre-game traffic clogged the highways and prompted some idiot driver behavior by some fans such as driving on the shoulder of the road at about 75 miles per hour only to cut in line and slam on the brakes. I hate those people and they are always out for sporting events.

We had to park about a mile away from the stadium to avoid a $75 parking charge. Ha! Up yours Jerry!

As we approached the stadium, I must admit I was impressed. The stadium grew from the ground like a monstrosity and you could hear the pre-game music nearly as quickly as you saw the stadium.

Once inside, the electricity in the stadium was magnificent. The cheering, the music, the sounds of 80,000 bustling football fans was hard to ignore.

When we arrived at our seats, you could see the sun setting from one endzone of the stadium and has it reflected off of the video board, it gave me a fantastic light show. It really is something a football fan needs to experience.


Because when you look closer, you'll notice the seats are still crushed together to the point where someone with wide shoulders will have trouble finding a place to put their arms. The top most seats in the bloody nose sections still go for $150 a ticket and that puts you just below the Hubble Telescope.

In an effort to milk as much money out of the stadium as possible, Jones makes the Cowboys play by play guys sit in the corner of an endzone (as opposed to the usual 50 yard line spot) so that he can make more room for luxury boxes, which is funny since only rich corporations could afford lower bowl tickets anyway.

None of this matters to Jones, of course, as long as he can continue to make money. But judging by the lack of heart his team showed during the game on Sunday, fans might not be willing to pay big money for Cowboys tickets much longer.

That means Jerry had better start working on making a (real) Super Bowl contender soon, or get used to seeing empty seats in his beloved new stadium.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Congratulations. I Feel Empty

And the Heisman goes to Mark Ingram. Hmmm. Well, he had a good season. 1500 yards. 15 touchdowns. He had some great games (150 yards against Virginia Tech, 246 yards against South Carolina, 144 yards against LSU) and he had some stinkers (50 yards against Arkansas and only 30 against Auburn).

Ingram rushed for fewer yards than any Heisman winning running in recent memory. He didn't even have the most rushing yards out of the Heisman finalists. Toby Gerhart had more playing for a less talented Stanford team.

Of course, Gerhart wasn't on an undefeated team. Ingram was on a team that won games, so I guess that's why he got the nod.

Wait, are the wins important? Because Colt McCoy is the winningest quarterback in the HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. He led his team in rushing and passing last year and has lost only one game in two years under center. If you were judging by winning teams, no one could beat Colt McCoy.

Yes, I know. McCoy got ruined by his awful performance in the Big 12 championship. Apparently no one remembered Ingram melting down just a week earlier against Auburn.

McCoy also had trouble getting anything done in that championship game because of one massive defensive tackle that destroyed the Texas offensive line. So why not give the Heisman to Suh? It's been a defensive year, why not give it to the best defender?

But they didn't. They gave it to a sophomore running back who had a solid season and just happened to have a great game at the right time. If the regular season were one game longer and McCoy had a massive game in that last week while Ingram was ordinary, McCoy would probably get the trophy. Same thing with Gerhart.

It just proves what a sham the Heisman Trophy really is. People across the country look at stats and watch the final games of the season. They don't put out an informed vote, they vote with either what the media pundits say, or what they see at the end of the season.

No disrespect to Mark Ingram. He had a solid season. Just not a magical one.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fantasy Football PantsCast December 8

It's nearly playoff time and in this week's pantscast we discuss:

-The assault on football watchers by jewelry commercials. I might go crazy

-Something that happened with my team in my league that I bet you've never seen before

-Plus the all of the awards like grenades, torpedos, and freight trains.

So get up on it and listen to the Fantasy Football PantsCast for December 8!

Coming Clean

Disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy needed to sell his new book, so he's become solicitous to tell of how he managed to bet successfully on the NBA because of the way refs controlled the game.

So a disgraced guy writes a tell all book that accuses the league he worked for of being unclean. Deja vu baseball owners? Unlike baseball though, this story involves the mob. I'm sure it will be a Martin Scorsese film at some point.

Here is his 60 minutes interview if you missed it:

Part I

Watch CBS News Videos Online

and Part II

Watch CBS News Videos Online

I wonder if this segment was sponsored by Pfizer? It's so hard to tell.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The BCS Lets Them Eat Cake

The BCS bowl schedule is set and it seems the people are very unhappy. Here are just a few Facebook updates I found from last night:

-The Fiesta Bowl was born from the Western Athletic Conference's frustrated attempts to obtain bowl invitations for its champions. It is ironic that is is now being used by the BCS Selection Committee to quarantine Boise State and TCU rather than give them a chance to embarrass a major conference.

-what the hell BCS- we Definitely want to see TCU and Boise St., BUT NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER! Let them each take on a big boy...

-BCS bowl game of the year will be the Fiesta Bowl. Way to protect Iowa from being embarrassed by a small school, BCS.

It's true
that the BCS appears to have gone out of it's way to prevent TCU or Boise State from making the biggest case yet for a change in the old system by having the two undefeated small school teams play each other instead of taking on (and possibly upsetting) a big BCS giant. But before we get moving with our screams about the fatuous old men who are frightened of any change in an arcane bowl system, take a look at the choices for bowl match-ups this year.

Texas and Alabama are in the big one, everyone knew that was going to happen, so those two teams aren't available.

The Rose Bowl insists on having the Pac-10 and Big 10 champs continue to play one another (unless one of the teams is in the big game) so Ohio State and Oregon are out of the picture. If you don't like it, take the issue up with the Rose Bowl for refusing to change.

That leaves six teams: TCU, Boise State, Cincinnati, Florida, Iowa, and Georgia Tech.

If TCU played Iowa and whipped them, no one would even blink.
The Big 10 has zero respect right now in bowl games.

If TCU played Cincinnati and won, it wouldn't be much different than TCU beating Boise State. Cincinnati isn't considered a BCS school despite the undefeated record and the Big East isn't exactly respected as a conference either.

That leaves Florida and Georgia Tech.

TCU could make some waves by beating those two schools in a bowl game. But even then it may not get the reaction you were hoping for.

If TCU beat Georgia Tech, it would be a bout how the Tech option is much easier to de
fend when you have a month to prepare for it. After all, the Jackets got smoked by LSU in last year's bowl game.

If TCU beat Florida...former number one Florida with St. Tebow in his final game....some folks would explain that Florida just wasn't into the game. (Remember what they said about Utah over Alabama last year?) Florida would be unfocused and uninterested in that simple Sugar Bowl. They had bigger fish to fry and without a shot at the title, the Florida seniors had already moved on to the NFL.

It's really a no win situation for TCU or Boise State this year, so at least we can hope for an exciting Fiesta Bowl that shows an entertaining brand of football that none of the other bowls can match. It's all we fans have right now until the BCS revolution finally takes place. Prepare the guillotines!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Torn Between Love And Chaos

Anyone who has read my stuff knows that I'm a big Texas Longhorns fan. I grew up in Texas rooting for the Horns, so naturally I'm rooting for them to win the college football championship this year which means I'm rooting for them to smoke Nebraska tonight.

If you have no rooting interest in Florida, Alabama, or Texas, then I totally understand if you'll be wearing a Cornhusker hat. If I wasn't so involved with Texas, I'd completely root for Nebraska because a Cornhusker win means my favorite moment in college football, which is BCS chaos.

I love nothing more than watching the old guard explain how the bowl system is the best for college football (aka makes them the most money) and then see them completely nonplussed by their own system.

The winner of the Florida and Alabama game gets an automatic birth in the title game. Texas will also get one if they win. But if the Longhorns are upset tonight, no fewer than three teams will have legit shots at the title game.

Will it be TCU? They Horned Frogs are ranked fourth and haven't lost this year. Unfortunately, TCU isn't a big school which means the bowl system will probably find a way to drop them out of title game for a team that will sell more merchandise and make them more money (see a theme?)

Cincinnati is also undefeated and just beat Pitt to win the Big East title. Maybe they will leap over TCU to make it to the title game. Again though, Cincinnati doesn't travel like the major schools do. So that means less money for the big wigs.

Boise State is undefeated, but there isn't a snowball's chance in the Rose Bowl of the Broncos getting a shot.

That would leave the loser of Florida/Alabama to get a rematch in the title game. Of course, that would expose the BCS as a front for a system that's just there to get the biggest schools to play each other. Plus, no one wants to see a rematch.

It would be a wonderful situation. Either TCU or Cincinnati would be screwed over and everyone would see it. Maybe both schools would. Then everyone could argue over the system one more time.

But that would be a mute point if Texas won tonight. Then everything would workout again and the BCS would get the two big schools it wants for a title game. I usually root for chaos. But I just can't tonight. Hook'em.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

If We Had Only Listened To The Asians

While everyone in the U.S. discussed the possibilities of what might have caused Tiger Woods to wreck his SUV, the Asians weren't fooled for a minute and gave us Cyber Woods:

Damn. Those Asians stay a step ahead.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fantasy Football PantsCast December 1

It's December which means fantasy football playoffs are right around the corner. This podcast will not help you make any decisions.

It will entertain you with discussions about:

-Fantasy football nemesis episodes.
-The not thankful Thanksgiving games
-Plus, the fantasy awards like grenade, torpedo, and fire in the hole plays of the week.

So sit back and relax. It's time for another Fantasy Football PantsCast.

Bad News Bears On Ice

It'd be hilarious if it weren't so scary at first. Florida Panthers goalie Tomas Vokoun gets beat by a goal...and that's the high point of the next minute. After the goal, Panthers defender Keith Ballard gets so frustrated he tries to break his stick over the goal. The only problem was that Vokoun's head got in the way.

This is something straight out of the movie Slapshot.

Merry Christmas?

Remembering Ole Bobby

Those of us who are under the age of 45 probably know Bobby Bowden as the big southern old man who has wandered the Florida State sideline since the dawn of time.

He's had success, but Florida State has fallen on hard times lately and they're currently the third place team in their own state. It's time for ole Bobby to step down and let go.

Yet, I think a lot of people don't give Bowden enough credit for what he did at Florida State. Sure, you hear announcers fondling themselves as they talk about how awesome Bowden is and he has two National Championship rings to prove he had some success, but that's just the tip of iceberg for accolades he should receive as a football coach. To fully appreciate Bobby Bowden, you have to go back to the beginning.

Florida State wasn't a terrible team in the early 1970's. They finished a few times in the top 25, but the team was never a real threat to win a title. The Seminoles had only won one bowl game and the school still had that stigma of being an all girls school until World War II.

It takes an intrepid coach to build up a football program without a built in history to recruit players. Bowden arrived in 1976 and proceeded to build one of the powerhouse programs in college football.

After a modest 5-6 start in 1976, Bowden changed Florida State into a perennial Top 25 team, but it wasn't until the early 80's when the Seminoles turned into the powerhouse we remember them as. Starting in 1982, the Noles have been to bowl game every single year and they didn't lose a bowl game until they lost the National Championship game to Florida in 1996. The team finished in the Top 5 of the polls every single year between 1987 and 2000. Unreal.

Bowden had his troubles. The Miami Hurricanes came into prominence (many people including myself think they did so very illegally) in the early 1980's and proceeded to ruin many a Florida State championship run. Other times the Noles would lose an early game to a lesser opponent and derail their season. There's a reason Bowden only has two championship rings despite all of his success.

Then there are some of the off-field problems Florida State players have had. There was the Dillard's scandal where Florida State receivers Peter Warrick and Laveranues Coles were arrested for grabbing a bushel of clothes for practically nothing. Coles was kicked off of the team while Warrick, who was a Heisman Trophy candidate, was only suspended for two games despite being more involved than Coles. Bowden admitted that the team was in a title hunt and he didn't feel they could win without Warrick. Nice double standard there.

Then there is the giant academic scandal still under investigation where athletes from several Florida State sports teams cheated on exams. Bowden might have to forfeit some of his wins as football coach as a result.

Those issues seem to be at the forefront these days has Bowden steps down at Florida State. While they shouldn't be swept under the carpet, I think we need to look at Bowden's total body of work to realize just what college football has lost today.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The VY Roller Coaster Of Love

It's late November which means wives and girlfriends are out elbowing each other in an attempt to spend all of their (or someone else's) money on coutures and ornamental crap while the guys stay home and watch the NFL playoff picture come into focus while ignoring most Christmas shopping duties.

Usually by now, the NFL is separated into groups of have and have nots. Vikings? Good. Browns? Bad. The haves jockey for playoff position while the have nots jokey (yes, I meant to mispell that) for draft slots. Then right there in NFL purgatory sit the Tennessee Titans just a game below .500. The record isn't exciting, but how Tennessee got there is.

The Titans have become the first team ever to win five straight games after losing their first six. The common denominator in the turnaround is one Vincent Young. He just keeps winning football games. Yesterday, he proved he could actually pass as he threw for 387 yards including a game winning touchdown against the Matt Leinart led Cardinals.

Now we'll see all sorts of comparisons to Young's drive to beat the Leinart led USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl. It's cute. You get to see Leinart relive his college nightmare in the pros. And that's about it.

It's the NFL. If you play quarterback long enough, you will have a chance to win a game. How many game winning drives does Tom Brady or Peyton Manning have? That's nothing new.

Yet here goes everyone jumping back on the VY bandwagon. These are the same people that were falling all over each other to label Young a bust over the past year. So is Young the future in Tennessee? It was only two months ago when people were assuming Young would be gone from the Titans and possibly the NFL before long.

Did Young really become that much better of a quarterback on the bench? He's definitely matured. But he was leading the Titans to the playoffs before his benching too. So why did everyone suddenly label him a colossal bust and why have they suddenly reversed course after only five regular season games?

Vince will lose at some point, he's not going undefeated. He'll also have some bad games. It will be interesting to see the reaction when Young proves he's human again because right now it's like his fans are manic depressives. When he wins, he's in the Pro-Bowl, when he loses, he's in the toilet bowl.

Young has rejuvenated his career, but is this the norm or just a peak in his crazy NFL life?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trophy Colt

As I watch the waning moments of the Florida/Florida State game and everyone falls over each other to talk about how wonderful Tim Tebow is and legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden deals with whether he will be forced to rusticate after this season, I think about the upcoming weeks in college football.

Barring a major upset, Texas will play the winner of the Florida/Alabama game for the national championship. TCU and Boise State should at least make a BCS bowl and if they don't, college football is flawed beyond recognition.

That just leaves one thing up in the air: who will win the Heisman Trophy (aka the most overrated award in sports)?

Some will probably vote for Tebow just because he's just so awesome and wonderful, but I'm guessing most people will resist the alluring pull of Saint Tebow. Which leaves a pretty tight race between the deserving players.

Alabama running back Mark Ingram was the front runner through last week, but with only 30 yards against rival Auburn, Ingram didn't leave a very good final impression. He'll have to dominate the SEC championship game to be the favorite again.

Stanford running back Toby Gerhart has come out of nowhere this year to get into the Heisman discussion. He's a powerful back who has a nose for the endzone. The problem is that his team just lost their rivalry game to Cal. Losses hurt even if Gerhart had a great game.

Speaking of losses hurting, C.J. Spiller is an all around threat at running back for Clemson, but that couldn't prevent the Tigers from losing three of their first five games this season. He also only ran for 18 yards against rival South Carolina today in a big loss.

With no front runner really emerging, I'd like to re-introduce Heisman voters to one Colt McCoy of Texas. Like the other Heisman favorites, McCoy has had his ups and downs this season. He started slowly and had a miserable day against Oklahoma earlier this year. Two big things though: the Longhorns won that game and McCoy has been scorching defenses since.

He's completed nearly 75% of his passes for 16 touchdowns and only two interceptions since the OU game and has run for 277 yards as well. The crown jewel was his performance against rival Texas A &M. Colt threw for 304 yards and four touchdowns, plus he ran for 175 more yards and a touchdown. It was a dominant performance against a juiced up rival. Without McCoy, the Longhorns don't win that game. He doesn't have the stats he did last year, but the Longhorns don't have a loss either.

And that's where McCoy separates himself from the other candidates. While some people keep beating me over the head with the fact that Tebow set a new SEC record for touchdowns in a career, I can look them in the eye and tell them that McCoy is the winningest quarterback in college football history.

Should winning count so much for the Heisman trophy? Probably not. But it does. With that in mind, it's hard to argue against Colt.

McCoy replaced Vince Young at Texas as a freshman which is feat no one could imagine doing. He led Texas to the brink of a championship last year, but was denied both a title bid and the trophy to the rival Oklahoma Sooners. This year, he hasn't been pretty always, but he's won. And now McCoy is rolling. He has one more game against a top defensive team in Nebraska. If McCoy performs in the Big 12 championship, he should finally get his trophy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fantasy Football PantsCast November 24

It's the Thanksgiving version of the fantasy football PantsCast!

In this episode we discuss:

-What do the Oakland Raiders have in common with Poland
-Some Pantsgiving wishes to NFL players around the league
-Plus the weekly awards

So get yourself in the holiday spirit and listen to the Pantsgiving episode of the fantasy football pantscast feast!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

That's Not What The Gipper Meant

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Whether you love them or hate them, they have a lot of tradition. Generally, Notre Dame is known for it's Catholic education and rigid schedule that produces martinets for alumni. It's Brady Quinn telling us in a commercial how he worked 14 hours a day between football and school work because "that's how it is at Notre Dame."

It's annoying and the golden domer holier than thou attitude always rubbed me the wrong way, yet I always respected them. A Notre Dame fan generally understood sportsmanship. They weren't a group of drunk morons who didn't care if the linebacker raped a woman last week as long as he led the team in tackles. They had dignity.

Either I was wrong or losing took that away too since Notre Dame fans are apparently acting just like the idiots at any state university.

First came the potshots at Charlie Weis. This is a guy who actively seeked out the Notre Dame coaching job because he's an alumnus. He wanted to bring his beloved university back to the mountain top. Things haven't gone as planned and according to Weis, they are much worse than anyone can imagine.

Speaking candidly like a coach who knows he's gone after the season, Weis absolutely blasted Notre Dame fans for taking such personal shots at him saying that people went over the line and hurt his family. Weis said "The damage to Maura and Charlie Jr. is irreparable, it's watching me get hammered. I'll never forgive the people who character-assassinated me without even knowing me. Those people did irreparable damage to my wife and son, and I'll never forgive them."

You might be thinking that Weis just has a thin skin and is overreacting. Then how about this cheap shot....literally? Jimmy Clausen the star quarterback for the Irish was having dinner with his family and friend after this weekend's loss to UConn when there was an altercation where he was sucker punched in the face by a fan.

Apparently losing makes Notre Dame fans forget all about that silly stuff like dignity and discipline. What a pile of hypocrites. Oh well, I guess there's still Joe Paterno.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Of Those Word Like Things

I could sit here and write you a novel about what NFL fans think about the Chicago Bears offense this season which I had the displeasure of viewing on Sunday Night Football, but then I had the benison of finding a picture to do my talking for me.

I'm pretty sure Devin Hester feels the same way.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blown Karma

Since college football has such blah match-ups today--- the top teams are all gigantic favorites against teams like Florida International and Tennessee Chattanooga while the Michigan/Ohio State game will determine nothing except local bragging rights--- I guess today is a germane time to talk about a different kind of football. As in futbol.

While we Americans are knee deep in BCS madness and NFL playoff runs, the rest of the world is watching the World Cup qualifying games. One such game just took place between Ireland and France this past week. On the line was an invitation to the World Cup tournament next year.

As Irish luck would have it, France won. But not without major controversy. French super striker Thierry Henry set up a game tying goal for his team as he's done so many times. Unlike the other times, Henry blatantly used his hand to pass the ball. That's a no no.

Somehow, the refs missed this call. The goal stood and the game ended in a 1-1 draw which sent France into the tournament and the Irish home with a bitter taste that all the Guinness on the island couldn't remove.

Ireland officially appealed the goal and even asked France to replay the game to make sure things ended properly. France naturally declined which left the Irish with little other recourse than to call foul on the whole situation.

Irish football CEO John Delaney asserted that "without doubt, the credibility of fair play has been damaged by this incident in front of a worldwide audience." The goal definitely shouldn't have counted, but does everyone think that the credibility really suffered? After all, we've seen missed calls in every sport and very few seem to withstand the test of time except with the fans who were wronged.

Many sports fans just accept blown calls as part of the game and that karma will eventually even things out. It's a nice, easy, cut and dry way to deal with a situation. Unless, of course, your team is the one that got screwed. One thing is certain, Irish eyes as well as everyone else's in the soccer world will cast a skeptical view upon the French come tournament time next year. Don't expect a bailout.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Too Bad, So Sad, Bye Bye?

As Nebraska and Kansas State battle this weekend to figure out which Big 12 North team gets to be fed to Texas in the conference championship game, a program that was favored in the North continues to unravel.

The Kansas Jayhawks went from pre-season favorites in the North division to a 1-5 disaster in the conference. The hard feelings are starting to bleed over into the press as the Kansas fatty Mcbutterpants of a head coach, Mark Mangino, has been called out by former players for using billgingsgate, throwing around remarks in poor taste, and even physically abusing his players.

Former Kansas receiver Raymond Brown says that one time during a practice that followed an unrelated iincident where Brown's brother was shot and wounded in his home city of St. Louis, Mangino got upset with him. "I dropped a pass and [Mangino] was mad," Brown said. "And I said, 'Yes, sir. Yes, sir.' The yelling didn't bother me. But then he said, 'Shut up!' He said, 'If you don't shut up, I'm going to send you back to St. Louis so you can get shot with your homies.'

Brown was obviously a little shocked that his coach would throw out that type of comment.

Brown also tells the story of another former Jayhawk who confided in the team that his father was an alcoholic and the player dreamed of becoming a lawyer. "One day, [Mangino] said in front of the entire team, 'Are you going to be a lawyer or do you want to become an alcoholic like your dad?' "

Brown has been backed up by some other former players who agree that Mangino would take your personal business and use it against you. Sometimes he'd even grab you if he lost his temper.

Mangino maintains that these are false accusations by bitter players whose college career's didn't turn out the way they wanted.

But the accusations linger and now is reporting that university reps are looking to buy out Mangino's contract at the end of the season. This is a coach that only two years ago resurrected a dead Kansas football program and won the Orange Bowl with them. That's one hell of a fall.

Even if Mangino gets to stay, opposing coaches will have field days with these accusations during recruiting season. It could be dark days ahead, again, for Kansas Jayhawks football. Hey, at least basketball season is starting.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fantasy Football PantsCast November 17

The PantsCast is up for this week. In this episode Jason Dula and I will discuss:

-What the hell happened to the AFC West fantasy players?

-How fantasy football can ruin your game watching experience

-The rash of running back injuries in Week 10

-You even get to hear my girlfriend's television program mixed with my little puppy's squeaking toys in the background to show that is a completely professional podcast.

-Plus, fantasy grenades, torpedoes, and fires in a hole somewhere....

It's all here on the Fantasy PantsCast for the week.