Monday, December 7, 2009

The BCS Lets Them Eat Cake

The BCS bowl schedule is set and it seems the people are very unhappy. Here are just a few Facebook updates I found from last night:

-The Fiesta Bowl was born from the Western Athletic Conference's frustrated attempts to obtain bowl invitations for its champions. It is ironic that is is now being used by the BCS Selection Committee to quarantine Boise State and TCU rather than give them a chance to embarrass a major conference.

-what the hell BCS- we Definitely want to see TCU and Boise St., BUT NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER! Let them each take on a big boy...

-BCS bowl game of the year will be the Fiesta Bowl. Way to protect Iowa from being embarrassed by a small school, BCS.

It's true
that the BCS appears to have gone out of it's way to prevent TCU or Boise State from making the biggest case yet for a change in the old system by having the two undefeated small school teams play each other instead of taking on (and possibly upsetting) a big BCS giant. But before we get moving with our screams about the fatuous old men who are frightened of any change in an arcane bowl system, take a look at the choices for bowl match-ups this year.

Texas and Alabama are in the big one, everyone knew that was going to happen, so those two teams aren't available.

The Rose Bowl insists on having the Pac-10 and Big 10 champs continue to play one another (unless one of the teams is in the big game) so Ohio State and Oregon are out of the picture. If you don't like it, take the issue up with the Rose Bowl for refusing to change.

That leaves six teams: TCU, Boise State, Cincinnati, Florida, Iowa, and Georgia Tech.

If TCU played Iowa and whipped them, no one would even blink.
The Big 10 has zero respect right now in bowl games.

If TCU played Cincinnati and won, it wouldn't be much different than TCU beating Boise State. Cincinnati isn't considered a BCS school despite the undefeated record and the Big East isn't exactly respected as a conference either.

That leaves Florida and Georgia Tech.

TCU could make some waves by beating those two schools in a bowl game. But even then it may not get the reaction you were hoping for.

If TCU beat Georgia Tech, it would be a bout how the Tech option is much easier to de
fend when you have a month to prepare for it. After all, the Jackets got smoked by LSU in last year's bowl game.

If TCU beat Florida...former number one Florida with St. Tebow in his final game....some folks would explain that Florida just wasn't into the game. (Remember what they said about Utah over Alabama last year?) Florida would be unfocused and uninterested in that simple Sugar Bowl. They had bigger fish to fry and without a shot at the title, the Florida seniors had already moved on to the NFL.

It's really a no win situation for TCU or Boise State this year, so at least we can hope for an exciting Fiesta Bowl that shows an entertaining brand of football that none of the other bowls can match. It's all we fans have right now until the BCS revolution finally takes place. Prepare the guillotines!

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