Saturday, December 5, 2009

Torn Between Love And Chaos

Anyone who has read my stuff knows that I'm a big Texas Longhorns fan. I grew up in Texas rooting for the Horns, so naturally I'm rooting for them to win the college football championship this year which means I'm rooting for them to smoke Nebraska tonight.

If you have no rooting interest in Florida, Alabama, or Texas, then I totally understand if you'll be wearing a Cornhusker hat. If I wasn't so involved with Texas, I'd completely root for Nebraska because a Cornhusker win means my favorite moment in college football, which is BCS chaos.

I love nothing more than watching the old guard explain how the bowl system is the best for college football (aka makes them the most money) and then see them completely nonplussed by their own system.

The winner of the Florida and Alabama game gets an automatic birth in the title game. Texas will also get one if they win. But if the Longhorns are upset tonight, no fewer than three teams will have legit shots at the title game.

Will it be TCU? They Horned Frogs are ranked fourth and haven't lost this year. Unfortunately, TCU isn't a big school which means the bowl system will probably find a way to drop them out of title game for a team that will sell more merchandise and make them more money (see a theme?)

Cincinnati is also undefeated and just beat Pitt to win the Big East title. Maybe they will leap over TCU to make it to the title game. Again though, Cincinnati doesn't travel like the major schools do. So that means less money for the big wigs.

Boise State is undefeated, but there isn't a snowball's chance in the Rose Bowl of the Broncos getting a shot.

That would leave the loser of Florida/Alabama to get a rematch in the title game. Of course, that would expose the BCS as a front for a system that's just there to get the biggest schools to play each other. Plus, no one wants to see a rematch.

It would be a wonderful situation. Either TCU or Cincinnati would be screwed over and everyone would see it. Maybe both schools would. Then everyone could argue over the system one more time.

But that would be a mute point if Texas won tonight. Then everything would workout again and the BCS would get the two big schools it wants for a title game. I usually root for chaos. But I just can't tonight. Hook'em.

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