Saturday, December 12, 2009

Congratulations. I Feel Empty

And the Heisman goes to Mark Ingram. Hmmm. Well, he had a good season. 1500 yards. 15 touchdowns. He had some great games (150 yards against Virginia Tech, 246 yards against South Carolina, 144 yards against LSU) and he had some stinkers (50 yards against Arkansas and only 30 against Auburn).

Ingram rushed for fewer yards than any Heisman winning running in recent memory. He didn't even have the most rushing yards out of the Heisman finalists. Toby Gerhart had more playing for a less talented Stanford team.

Of course, Gerhart wasn't on an undefeated team. Ingram was on a team that won games, so I guess that's why he got the nod.

Wait, are the wins important? Because Colt McCoy is the winningest quarterback in the HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. He led his team in rushing and passing last year and has lost only one game in two years under center. If you were judging by winning teams, no one could beat Colt McCoy.

Yes, I know. McCoy got ruined by his awful performance in the Big 12 championship. Apparently no one remembered Ingram melting down just a week earlier against Auburn.

McCoy also had trouble getting anything done in that championship game because of one massive defensive tackle that destroyed the Texas offensive line. So why not give the Heisman to Suh? It's been a defensive year, why not give it to the best defender?

But they didn't. They gave it to a sophomore running back who had a solid season and just happened to have a great game at the right time. If the regular season were one game longer and McCoy had a massive game in that last week while Ingram was ordinary, McCoy would probably get the trophy. Same thing with Gerhart.

It just proves what a sham the Heisman Trophy really is. People across the country look at stats and watch the final games of the season. They don't put out an informed vote, they vote with either what the media pundits say, or what they see at the end of the season.

No disrespect to Mark Ingram. He had a solid season. Just not a magical one.


  1. Seriously. I'd have been thrilled with either McCoy or Gerhart as the winner. McCoy is nothing short of fantastic, but Gerhart had me this year. Nothing but heart and force from him this year, and if you want to pick a runner for the prize, he's the guy. Ingram was at least third in this crowd. College football may still be pure, but the circus around it has become unbearable.

  2. it needed to go to Suh, and i have no idea how he finished 4th.