Monday, September 14, 2009

Up in Flames

I should probably save this for tomorrow's knee jerk NFL segment, but this one is a story all to itself.

A few months ago, Chicago Bears fans were indulging in crapulous behavior as they reveled in a trade that brought their franchise, long barren of anything resembling a quarterback, the great Jay Cutler.

The team was transformed overnight from a team with a gameplan that included running, defense, and prayer that the caretaker QB didn't screw the game up, to a team with possibly the best QB in the division, plus a running game and defense.


After all, the Bears made the Super Bowl just a few years ago with Rex Grossman leading the team. REX GROSSMAN! Of course, sexy Rexy melted down in the Super Bowl and that was that. With Cutler, the Bears were right in the thick of the NFC North race and now had a great young quarterback to lead them to the promised land.

It's only been one week and suddenly the Bears ship looks to be taking on water. Cutler laid an egg in Green Bay last night in the form of four interceptions as the Bears fell to the rival Packers.

More importantly, the Bears lost middle linebacker Brian Urlacher for the season with a dislocated wrist. The Bears are now staring at a week 2 match-up with Pittsburgh and a week 3 matchup at Seattle without any synch between the new quarterback and recievers plus a devestating injury to the leader of the defense.

Could Chicago start 0-3? Not the start Bears fans were thinking of...

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