Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Make Him His Brother's Keeper

Imagine Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald cavorting into the locker room last Sunday. His team had just whipped the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road to silence any remaining critics who say that Arizona turns into a fistfull of suck when they play on the east coast. Everything is cool and Cardinals are back in the win column.

Then Fitzgerald has to answer ridiculous questions about a message from his brother on Twitter. Eventually that peaceful, easy feeling dissipates. His week is now annoying.

Because of a tweet.

Apparently Larry's brother Marcus wrote on Twitter that Larry wasn't happy about not getting the ball enough and that Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner was an "old ass man."

Whooooaaaa! Get ready because the Cardinals are going to implode from controversy!

Do you know of a receiver in the NFL who doesn't want the ball more? Good receivers could get the ball 200 times and it still wouldn't be enough. And Kurt Warner is an old ass man. It's not like we're breaking new ground here.

The issue here is why the biggest subject Fitzgerald had to deal with this week is answering questions about his brother's tweet. This is a one day issue ("hey Larry, are you pissed about not getting the ball enough? That's what your brother tweeted.")

Instead, this issue has become a festering idiotic situation for Fitzgerald to deal with. The upcoming game against the Colts? No one cares! Tell us why your brother was tweeting!

And that is where we are today in media, folks. Anyone has a platform and when a sibling to a famous person speaks, it makes national headlines and somehow the famous person is supposed to answer for it as if they have full control over that sibling. For the record, Fitzgerald has handled the situation quite well, but the fact that he's had to answer a barrage of questions about what his brother said is just silly. Ask Marcus Fitzgerald about his less than controversial tweet, he wrote it. Let Larry worry about the Colts and his old ass quarterback.

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