Friday, September 11, 2009

Wow, That's A New One

The track and field world has been buzzing after puissant and manly South African female runner Caster Semenya dominated the women's 800 meter race. Other countries cried foul, (in Austin Powers voice) "That woman is a maaan, baby!"

She does look like Shannon Sharpe with lipstick (not a real big compliment for a woman) and the word "semen" is right there in her last name. It's just there taunting us.

Then the poop really hit the fan when International Association of Athletics Federations ordered Semenya to get a gender test done. The South African government claimed unfair profiling. Just because Semenya isn't a dainty woman who adheres to the Western standard of beauty shouldn't force her to be ridiculed.

Well, she took the test and now word out of Sydney, Austrailia is that....she's a herm? That woman IS a man, baby! And a woman. She's the hermaphrodite flash.

That claim hasn't been confirmed yet and we all know Austrailia is a former prison colony, so maybe the Sydney media is lying. If they aren't , a giant Pandora's Box has been opened.

Semenya has male sex organs in her body which give her elevated levels of testostorone, undoubtably a competitive advantage over her female competitiers. Yet, it's not like Semenaya took a penis pill to help her run. She has an abnormal condition, but a completely natural one.

So does Semenya get penalized for being born different, or does she get to run with an obvious advantage? Or do the Olympics create a trans-gender event which would be treated like a freak show?

And if they do allow a trans-gender runner, will we see a part man/ part horse runner soon? That would be cool.


  1. Great column dude. Spot on. This one will be interesting to hear the outcome of.

  2. Informative and funny, thanks!