Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apprently Jerry Jones Doesn't Watch Yankees Games

Jerry Jones has always been a gambler. Loves the rush. Ego needs it.

That's why he built a monstrous new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys and wants to charge $250 for nosebleed seats despite the stadium being way out in Arlington and the country still being in....what's it called? Oh yeah, a RECESSION.

Jones believes the Cowboys are so popular, people will scrape together what they have (or don't have) for the privilege of going to see the Cowboys in their new home despite the fact that the team hasn't won a playoff game in over a decade and could very well set a record for most losses in a decade this season.

Apparently, Jerry Jones doesn't watch New York Yankees games.

Remember all the news earlier this season about how the Yanks were having a hard time selling the overpriced seating to the new stadium? I do. I remember chuckling as I gazed at all of the empty seats behind home plate.

Now the Cowboys are in danger of having the first home game in the new stadium blacked out because they can't sell enough tickets. This despite a chance that Dallas might set an NFL attendance record for the first game. That's because most of the fans bought standing room only tickets that don't cost them a mortgage.

The Cowboys won't get blacked out. Bank on that. The team will find some efficacious way to get rid of those last hundred tickets even though no one is going to drop $500 for two tickets at this point. The game will be televised and everyone can marvel at the giant scoreboard that gets hit by punted footballs.

And then what?

As I said, the Cowboys haven't exactly been run like a well oiled machine recently. Jerry can talk and hype as well as any owner in the league, but eventually fans will need to see results to keep drinking the Cowboys Kool-Aid. Once the shine from the first game in the new home wears off, many fans aren't going to want to drive an hour so that they can pay a monthly check just to see one game from a mediocre team. It's just not worth it.

Jerry has once again pushed things to the edge. It's going to take all of his marketing genius to make sure things don't fall over the edge or people in Dallas may not be seeing Cowboys games for a long time.

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