Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No More Gettin Jaggy With It?

I'll admit, it's a stupid, mind-numbing title. I'm sorry.

I'm just trying to add some humor (even if it's awful) to the dire situation in Jacksonville. The Jags aren't selling tickets which means there will not be a Jacksonville Jaguars franchise much longer unless things change.

On the surface, Jags owners Wayne and Delores Barr Weaver say they know that Florida was hit hard by the recession and that has hurt season ticket holders, but they are committed to keeping the franchise in Florida.

In reality, Jacksonville mayor John Peyton actually attended Jags practice this week and encouraged fans to buy season tickets. The mayor does not get involved with selling tickets unless things are not going well. Ladies and gentlemen, things are not going well.

The Jags are going to get their home games blacked out on local television. The team has been consistently lagging behind in attendance lately and there is still some sort of national stigma that hangs over the city dating all the way back to the less than stellar impression the city made when it hosted the 2005 Super Bowl between the Patriots and Eagles.

The owners can talk all they want to about a Jags commitment to Florida, but if the financial picture remains cloudy, all the talk will eventually just sound like logorrhea. Art Modell said lots of stuff when he was owner of the Cleveland Browns. Then he upped and moved to Baltimore. Los Angeles is still sitting there without a football team. The more struggles that happen in Jacksonville, the more enticing LA LA land looks.

Jaguars could become an endagered species in Florida.

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