Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deion Gets Delusional

Deion Sanders, the great NFL defensive back and noted voluptuary has long been supporting rookie receiver Michael Crabtree in his ridiculous holdout from the San Francisco 49ers. Now Deion seems to be going on the offensive for the idiot pass catcher.

According to, Deion is saying that two seperate NFL team are now interested in trading for Crabtree and are willing to pay the astronomical amount of money he thinks he deserves even though the receiver hasn't played one down in the NFL. Sanders says "Why would you settle for $20 million when you feel like you can get $40 million? The 49ers need him desperately"

Forget the obvious ethical issues the Deion crosses as he talks about his buddy while working for NFL Network, of which there are several. No one ever really considered Deion an acutal journalist anyways.

But Deion should know from his stay in the NFL that a rookie will not win by holding a team hostage for money. Even if he gets traded and makes the money he wants, Crabtree has lost his rookie season because he's so far behind learning the offense. Plus, veteran players won't be remotely supportive of a rookie waltzing in thinking he's worth so much before he's played a down.

All I can think of is that Crabree doesn't want to play for the 49ers and is trying to force a trade to a team he deems more of a title contender. Deion, being his buddy, is using his job at NFL Network to actually help out Crabtree. It stinks in all sorts of ways and at this point, Crabtree has nearly zero fans in the NFL.

My prediction for Crabtree: PAIN.

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