Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This One's For The Ladies

Most guys probably have a story of a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend who watches football with them and roots for the team with the cute player. Here you are trying to get into an intense playoff game and she's involved with this abecedarian conversation about how cute Tom Brady is. Sheesh.

Well, the Wall Street Journal published a scientific study that says people with symmetrical faces tend to get more attention as babies and earn more money as adults. So which quarterbacks have the most symmetrical faces according to this study?

Matty Ice

Matt Ryan is the best looking quarterback in the NFL according to this study. The top five are:

Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons
Brett Favre- Minnesota Vikings
Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers (damnit! Behind Brett Favre again!)
Matt Hasselbeck- Seattle Seahawks
Kerry Collins- Tennessee Titans

The researchers are quick to point out that face symmetry isn't the only thing that makes a person handsome as evidenced by the absence of some heartthrob quarterbacks from the list. My girlfriend, Lindsey, read this study and decided to share her own list. Note: Lindsey is a Denver Broncos fan, but doesn't care for either Jay Cutler (she calls him weepy) or Kyle Orton (current Broncos QB who looks like he always has a haircut from kindergarten.)

Lindsey's list of the five best looking NFL starting quarterbacks:

1. Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys
2. Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints
3. Donovan McNabb- Philadelphia Eagles
4. Mark Sanchez- New York Jets
5. Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons

The big news here is the absence of one Tom Brady whom Lindsey refers to as "Butt chin Brady." She is adamant that his face looks like it's been sucked inwards and he is not deserving of his hunky status. She says Carson Palmer deserves an honorable mention for good looking quarterback, but didn't make the list due to his "Simpson-like teeth." I don't know what that means either. She calls Ben Roethlisberger Mr. Potato Head and says Matt Schaub (of Houston) is a Munster.

Ladies, the floor is yours because I have completely lost control of this subject.

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  1. My top Starters 1) Matt Ryan 2) Mark Sanchez 3) Trent Edwards 4) Tony Romo (uhhh I can't believe I just admitted that) 5) ummmm I guess Eli?

    Any NFL QB 1) Matt Ryan 2) Andre Woodson 3) Chris Redman 4) Mark Sanchez 5) Caleb Hannie

    The people on the WSJ list (with the exception of Matt Ryan) are all too old. What we've learned from my picks: Backup QBs are way cuter than the starters.