Friday, May 22, 2009

You Want Him?

Get ready for the Vickmania. It's pretty quiet right now, but if Vick gets reinstated by the NFL anytime over the summer, just grab a mattress and hide in the bathtub.

No one will create a bigger argument between fans. Vick will make T.O. seem as controversial as Jay Leno. Hell, my household could be a verbal battleground with my girlfriend firmly entrenched in the "anyone who would do that doesn't deserve to ever see the light of day
again" camp.

I'm disgusted by Vick's actions, but I understand that Vick didn't grow up
in the greatest of environments and apparently bad decisions do run in his family. Still, I've never wanted Vick playing quarterback of any team I was rooting for.

I'm torn though because Tony Dungy, an NFL man whom I respect more than any other, recently spoke with Michael Vick and he honestly thinks Vick has been taught a lesson and deserves another chance. I've always admired Dungy for his quiet, classy, and truthful demeanor. He's the coach that most resembles my childhood favorite, the great Tom Landry.

He's asking us to let Vick have a second chance to see if he learned from his
momentous mistake. I'm curious now because what if Vick really has been humbled by his experience and has a new outlook on life? Maybe the younger, arrogant Vick who relied on his athletic ability and didn't seem to appreciate what he had has been replaced by an older man whose ego has been yoked and who will actually be thankful for a chance to play NFL football game.

Whether you're for or against Vick's return, the one thing no one can argue with are the X's and O's of football. Vick was never a cerebral quarterback and he's never been a fiery leader in th
e mold of a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. But Vick has won some playoff games and he did lead the Falcons to the first ever visitor's playoff victory at Lambeau Field. While no one expects fans to greet Vick with a buss, a winning quarterback would make them happy.

So which team might be interested in Vick? Well, the easiest way to start is to eliminate the teams with top quarterbacks already. New England, Indy, Dallas, Chicago, the Giants, Philly, Arizona, San Diego, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and even Cincy are all out. BARRING INJURY.

Any tea
m with a young QB who is apparently the future is out. So no home for Vick with the Jets, Chiefs, Bucs, Bills, Ravens, Texans, Lions, and Falcons are out.

So that leaves 12 teams to pick from. Well, no one from the Bill Parcells/ Bill Belich
ick coaching tree are likely to take a risk on Vick. So that eliminates the Broncos (much to my girlfriend's relief), Browns, and Dolphins.

Jeff Fisher is already dealing with Vince Young so the Titans are
out and Jack Del Rio will probably stick with David Garrard which eliminates the Jaguars.

The Rams had a chance to draft a a QB, but didn't, so that makes me think they'll stick with Bulger.

This leaves the final teams: the Seahawks, Panthers, 49ers, Redskins, and Raiders:

The Panthers just resigned Jake Delhomme, but does anyone trust him? The Seahawks have Matt Hasse
lbeck, but he's old and fragile. Plus, the Seahawks coach is Jim Mora Jr. who coached Vick in Atlanta. The Redskins just ran their young QB through the ringer, the 49ers have QB issues, the Vikings have been on a QB merry go round for years, and the Raiders are......whatever.

So place your bets and take a guess. Any team is a training camp injury away being interested in Vick. If it's your favorite team, just try to channel your inner Dungy and give Vick a chance to screw it up himself before you descend on him like an avalanche.

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