Monday, May 11, 2009

Soooo awkward

It's like a Will Ferrell movie played out in front of our eyes....


  1. So let me get this right BRAD SEAL, just because someone rifles thru cans to get the ones that HER son is on, she is a little nuts???? Come on now And for u just to label the guy a thug and his team thug ballers is just plain irresponsible. They may play with an edge, but thug ballers is over the top. I found this entire post disrespectful and a misrepresentation of sports in the words of Will Smith, "You Suck!"

  2. Dearest Matt,
    Yes, rifling through a store's entire soda supply to get 48 cans that your son is on makes you a little nuts.
    And yes, Kenyon Martin played thug basketball at Cincy where he and his mates would take the opponent's warm-up basketballs in an effort to intimidate them.
    It works for him though, just like it worked for those Bad Boy Detroit Pistons teams that won two championships.
    Please inform me as to which Will Smith is telling me I suck, is it the attitude-laden side kick in Men In Black or is it the more serious Smith in I Am Legend? Or did you go old school with the Fresh Prince? I'm very curious. Thanks for the comments!