Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh Good God, Stop It Already!

No one flinched when the Jets officially released Brett Favre the other day. The team had drafted Mark Sanchez and Favre had retired....again.

No one paid much attention to the story except my friend who works at He grumbled about how much extra work he's going to have now that Favre has been released because of all the rumors that will circulate now about the senescent quarterback coming back to a new team.

My thoughts instantly turned to the land of a thousand lakes. Favre had a very public courtship with Minnesota last year and kept asking the Packers to release him. The Packers weren't about to have an angry Favre running across the division to haunt them, so the team traded Favre out of the confernece.

But now that the Jets have released him, Favre can go right to the Vikings with his buddy Brad Childress.

And sure enough, the Vikings' coach has come out and said he will discuss things with Favre. And by "things" I mean a possible second return out of retirement. There is no confirmation whether John Madden will follow Favre back to the NFL.

I thought this crap only happened in boxing.

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  1. Whoa! Where did the other 9,000 lakes go!? -sb