Sunday, May 3, 2009

Refresher Course Needed

I know New Orleans is a crazy, wacky, and dare I say jolly place. There are street musicians playing next to fraternity boys barfing in the street. Homeless men regale you with Mark Twainesque stories while girls flash their boobs so you'll give them beads. It's like a dirty, smelly Disneyland filled with alcohol.

So I'm not shocked that two New Orleans Saints players
were caught urinating in public there. That stuff happens so often I'm guessing Bourbon Street itself is a cure for jellyfish stings.

amazes me about the great pee extravaganza that wide receiver Biren Ealy and tight end Kolomona Kapanui embarked upon is that they managed to go from pissing in the street to being arrested for public lewdness.

Have you ever heard of Biren Ealy or Kolomona Kapanui? Neither have I.

And now all anyone will think of when the see one of these two names is that the guy got arrested for fondling his dong in front of a bunch of women and making lewd comments to them. The women apparently got spooked, screamed for help, and called 911.

Yet Ealy and Kapanui still didn't run away. They continued their shenanigans until the five-oh showed up and arrested them.

Now this incident will be etched to the two players like an albatross wherever they go. Just ask Najeh Davenport about that.

And where will they go? Apparently Ealy and Kapanui didn't read up on the NFL player manual which reads "if you are a fringe player, any incident you get into will result in your being cut from the team immediately." Saints coach Sean Payton could cut both players and not even stop eating his Coco Puffs.

So well done my good men. You just cut most strings to your NFL lives, all so you could fondle yourself in front of some women while peeing out on the street.

Next time just carry beads with you. You'll get a better show.


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