Thursday, May 21, 2009

RAW Nuggets. Mmmmm.

You'd think there would be an alternative plan in place for a sports arena. This can't be the first time anyone has wondered what happens when a scheduled event interferes with a professional team's playoff run. Yet, here we are reading about the giant Chinese fire drill happening at the Pepsi Center.

No one thought the Nuggets would be in the Western Conference finals at the beginning of this NBA season, so the Pepsi Center went ahead and scheduled Monday Night Raw. Then the Nuggets traded for Chauncey Billups, changed the culture of the team, and here we are today: a Nuggets home game scheduled for the same night as the already scheduled WWE.

Not surprisingly, the
Nuggets won the battle for the Pepsi Center (not just because it's an NBA team, but because the Nuggets are a permanent host and not just a one time event.) But the issue was not handled very well and has turned into a he said/he said issue between the WWE and the Pepsi Center. The WWE left for Los Angeles (hmmm the Denver Nugget opponent) and both sides blame the other for a lack of business ethics.

I have no idea why the Nug
gets couldn't just play a game on Sunday or Tuesday to make the situation better because I'm just a simple sports fan. I think the Pepsi Center should have embraced the WWE and it's Monday Night Raw ratings. In fact, they could just combine the WWE franchise with the Nuggets to make a cross-promotional firestorm.

The next time the Nuggets played the Lakers after WWE, the court could have been immured in a steel cage. The Nuggets could even compare some of their players to the WWE wrestlers in the team playoff program. It might get some extra wrestling fans interested in basketball and naturally, the Nuggets would be the team to root for.

I've even done some homework and have some ideas for which Nugget could be whi
ch wrestlers. Forgive me if I don't completely nail these comparisons, I only know WWE wrestlers through what I read on their bios, so if you have a better idea, please feel free to comment.

Chauncey Billups-- Triple H
Triple H is known as the Cerebral Assassin and The Game. That could be Billups, who has completely turned the Nuggets around after his mid-season arrival. Billups runs the offense perfectly and has the nickname "Big Shot" for his late game heroics. Both men are integral parts or their franchises.

Nene-- Big Show
Both guys are big (Big Show is 7 feet tall and over 400 pounds, Nene is 6-11 and 250, but he does play basketball which doesn't usually work if you're 400 pounds). Both guys also had to spend time away from the ring. Now that Nene is back from his bout with cancer, he gives the Nuggets a big man in the middle. Just not 400 pounds worth.

s "Birdman" Anderson-- Goldust
Both guys are visual marvels and show stoppers. Anderson comes in with his inked up arms and his hair done into a wild mohawk. His game is all about soaring through the air and blocking shots from all parts of the the basetball court. Goldust enters with a blonde wig and his face completely painted up in a black and gold explosion. For some reason people call him the "bizzare one." Hey, it gets ratings.

Anthony Carter-- Hornswaggle
rter isn't the midget that Hornswaggle is, but he is the smallest guy on the Nuggets roster. Of course, Carter is still 6'2" which just makes me sad.

melo Anthony-- John Cena
is is the face of the franchise comparison. The only person non-wrestling fans might know is John Cena due to his multiple commericals and guest appearences. I think he's also trying to be an action hero. Any non-NBA fans would probably only know Carmelo Anthony because of the hype he's gotten since he was the second pick of the draft several years ago.

J.R. S
mith-- Shawn Michaels
Okay, so I'm struggling now, I admit it. But Shawn Michael
s is known as a show stealer and J.R. Smith is capable of stealing a game when he heats up on offense.

on Martin-- Batista
Both guys had a troubled childhood. Both guys have volcanic tempers. And both guys hate to lose.

That's really all I ha
ve, but as a non-wrestling fan, I've already come up with a nicer ending to the great WWE/Nuggets Smackdown. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go blast my pecs and work on spitting as a growl into a microphone.

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