Monday, May 11, 2009

Man Vs. Momma

Leave it to Mark Cuban to go after a mother during this weekend. The Dallas Mavericks owner was angry after a controversial ending to the Mavs game 3 loss against the Denver Nuggets and he popped off. Again. Shocker.

Here is the ending to the game if you didn't see the highlights:

The argument is that a Dallas player intentionally fouled Carmelo Anthony before he got the shot off to ensure there would be no three pointer. Surprise! A basketball game has a controversial ending because of a call/non-call! Come experience the NBA playoffs where star players play by a different set of rules and refs change criteria depending on circumstance! But this is nothing new, so it shouldn't surprise anyone, especially the owner of a basketball team.

But it's Mark Cuban and he gets mad anytime something goes wrong. In fact, he already had an argument with a ref earlier this season when Dallas was playing Denver:

Cuban argues so often that his fits must simply bombinate around a refs ears. Maybe that's why Cuban decided to go after Kenyon Martin's mom.

In defense of Cuban, the Nuggets do play a thuggish style of hard-nosed basketball and Kenyon Martin is the leader of the pack. He was a thug in college playing for Bob Huggins' bully-laden Cincinnati teams. In the NBA, he's a rough-housing player who would have fit right into those Bad Boy Detroit Pistons teams. Those kinds of players get your blood boiling if you're an opposing fan.

But you aren't going to win if you call a woman's son a thug. Especially not on Mothers Day weekend. You just can't do it and expect the sympathy vote even if it's true and even if the mom is a little bonkers herself. No one will ever confuse Lydia Moore with June Cleaver and I wouldn't want to have her over for a dinner party, but she's a mom. Don't insult a mom's kid in front of her face. You won't win that.

I know I get pissed when my teams lose and I make up excuses in my head as though some cosmic energy conspired to ruin my team' s date with championship destiny. But I don't have video cameras in my face at all times. Cuban does and he's become the boy who cried foul amongst NBA owners. Unlike E.F. Hutton, when Cuban speaks, no one listens.

But he's a damn fine dancer.

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