Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Q Gets A Clue

Ornery Anquan stops heading towards the T.O. trap laid out for him by he whose haus is so very Rosen....
I'm not sure why, but I actually cheered when I found out that Anquan Boldin had fired his agent, Drew Rosenhaus.

I think it's because I like Anquan Boldin and I don't like the way he's acting right now during his attempt to get a bigger contract from the Cardinals. Boldin has proven to be a great team guy and should be above all of his fake injuries and constant whining because he's underpaid (which he is).

There are plenty of players that deserve more money than they get in the NFL. NFL owners are a very greedy lot and love getting a great player for a reduced cost. Then when that player wants to be compensated, the owners claim they're under contract and need to act professionally (unless the player gets old or injured, then the contract gets shredded and memories suddenly fail.)

But there are sagacious ways of getting a new contract and there are dumb ass ways of gett
ing new contracts. This is where an agent comes in with advice and Rosenhaus has always seemed to have the same advice: get as much money as fast as you can no matter what it takes.

One definition I found describes Rosenhaus as an "American football agent, quickly becoming notorious for signing high profile athletes and making high demands." This is true, but really annoys me about Rosenhaus is that he often makes these demands publicly.

That's when you get moments like this:

He hasn't met a camera he doesn't like. Rosenhaus will show up do a national interview when he doesn't have something to say. Drew loves him some him.

Rosenhaus is obviously a successful agent, you don't build a client base like he has without hard work and talent. But Rosenhaus is like the Star Wars dark jedi who wants too much power too quickly. He wants to be the number one guy right NOW!

That will have to wait because Anquan has left the Rosen-house. Rejoice.

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