Thursday, April 30, 2009

Master Of Puppets

No, not Al Davis or Jerry Jones. I'm talking about Disney.

I just returned from taking my girlfriend to Disneyland for her birthday because that's all she wanted was a trip to Disneyland.

Aside from the patrons with Forrest Gump IQ's, screaming children who were too young to actually enjoy a theme park, and rip-offs around every corner to make your wallet float like it was filled with helium, I have to admit that Disneyland is indeed a magical little place.

My girlfriend has informed me that the reason it's so wonderful is because of the all the characters and puppets running around between the rides to make everywhere you go look like a fantasy world.

Okay, I guess I can't argue with that.

So as a tribute to Disney and because I don't have my NFL Draft stuff with me, I give you four of my favorite youtube videos involving fantasy or puppets. Not necessarily Disney, but they all involve the mellifluous or bumptious voices of some weird-ass puppets and creatures.

The first is just the Lord of the Rings set to the Muppet's theme song. Good editing and one of my favorite songs:

This one is too long, but you can stop halfway through. I just love watching Bert and Ernie thrash.

The great Beaker sings (or beeps) Ode to Joy and things go horribly awry.

Finally, Beaker is joined by friends Chef and Animal to sing "Danny Boy".

I'm sure there are other Muppet masterpieces that I haven't seen, so please let me know what I've missed.

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  1. Manamana (Mahna Mahna)

    Try to get this one out of your head...