Saturday, April 4, 2009

Soooo About That Whole Trade Thing.....

The Washington Redskins brass met with Jason Campbell yesterday to see if everything was cool with the quarterback after the Jay Cutler saga.

Redskins vice president of operations Vinnie Cerrato said "We met with Jason today and had a candid discussion. We told Jason that when Jay Cutler became available, we, like many other NFL teams, spoke with the Broncos. We are all on the same page, and we are moving forward."

I'm pretty sure Jason Campbell already knew the Redskins had spoken to the Broncos. There were rumors flying everywhere that the Redskins were close to a deal for the quarterback. In fact, the Bears apparently stepped in at the last minute to outbid the Redskins.

Now Redskins management is trying to make it sound they simply inquired about the trade. Sure. And the drunk dude at the bar is simply inquiring about sleeping with the hot girl standing next to him.

The Redskins would have done the trade in a heartbeat had the Broncos wanted it. Vinnie Cerrato knows it, Jason Campbell knows it, and despite the attempt at downplay, every NFL fan knows it. We aren't flummoxed by Cerrato's words like slack-jawed bystanders in 'Men in Black'.

Now the team is stuck with a quarterback who knows they don't want him and are being accused of tampering during the signing of their $100 millions free agent defensive tackle.

That ought to be a fun locker room next year. A group of mercenaries brought in by the ultimate mercenary in owner Daniel Snyder. He has proven that he will get rid of anyone at anytime if he finds something he likes better. Some fans may enjoy this since he will definitely spend the money to get the big named player.

Then again, the Redskins have only made the playoffs a couple of times in the decade since Danny War Bucks bought the team and have never had any sustained success. Meanwhile, Snyder goes through coaches and players like a puppy goes through dinner scraps.

Maybe if the Redskins tried to actually grow a locker room scene instead of constantly turning over the team, the Redskins would have more success.

But that's not the way Snyder does business. So Washington enters next season with a nearly discarded quarterback leading an offense designed by a coach who everyone assumes will be gone as soon as Bill Cowher decides to return to football.

Good times at Fed Ex field.

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