Friday, April 3, 2009

I Salute Thou And Thy Balls

Wow, what a good decision that was to not post about the Jay Cutler situation yesterday...

Now that the longueur between Cutler and the Broncos is officially over he's headed to Chicago, every sportswriter and blogger needs to weigh in on the trade.

Who got the better of it?

Is Cutler mature enough to lead a team?

Did the B
roncos just let their future leave?

Did the
Bears just become contenders?

How does John Elway feel about this? Okay, that one is stupid, but he did decide to weigh in on the whole Cutler situation. And when Elway speaks, Denver listens.

Everyone is re-hashing this trade and for good reason. It's one the biggest trades in NFL history and THE biggest trade involving a QB.

The only thing close to it is Steve Young to the 49ers and by the time he was traded, Young was considered a possible bust. Young got to sit and learn for four years before finally turning into a Hall of Famer.

Yes, Brett Favre to Green Bay was a big trade too, but go back to 1991. Did anyone care one bit about Favre being traded? He didn't even start in Atlanta. This is only a big trade in hindsight because of Favre's success.

Every other major QB trade has to do with an aging veteran being shipped to a team wh
o tries one last gasp run at a Super Bowl title before they have to rebuild (See Joe Montana, Brett Favre to Jets, Warren Moon, etc. etc.)

But not this one. This is the trading of a young, established, Pro-Bowl quarterback that was supposed to lead the Broncos to glory. Now he's in Chicago and three high draft choices are in Denver along with the doughy and bearded Kyle Orton.

It will
drastically change the future of both franchises. We have no idea if it will be for better or for worse, but the future has changed.

And I say WELL DONE to both sides for pulling off such a huge trade.

Sure, the B
roncos have a lot of questions to answer now that they let the face of the franchise leave in his prime, but did anyone give the Broncos a real chance next year? Did anyone give the Bears a chance?


The Broncos were going to be a good offensive team that could win games if the defense held opponents under three touchdowns. This was a big if.

The Bears were a solid team with a running game and decent defense, but zero passing game.

Now both teams will be different. Maybe not better, but different. And I'm interested.

Give me the Bears and Broncos early in the season because I want to see what happens. Chicago has gone from boring and predictable into uncharted territory. They have a quarterback!

The Broncos have just turned into draft darlings because everyone wants to see what they're going to do with the team now that they have extra draft picks and are down a Pro-Bowl leader.

So before we argue over who won this trade and which general manager will go down in infamy, let us sit back and take this event in as an NFL fan. In a league where most franchise heads are ultra-conservative and afraid that any sort of major move will backfire on them, we got to witness a league changing trade.

Enjoy it now. These trades don't come around very often. And the NFL is better off for it.

Long live the big trade!

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