Thursday, April 9, 2009


Is this the curse of Gary Matthews Jr. rearing it's ugly head?

Did someone in the Angels organization desecrate a ancient Indian burial ground this

Is this God's way of saying don't run red lights?

Does Anaheim just suck that much?

What ever the reason, this has been one hell of a week for the Anaheim....sorry, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

You know it's a bad week for a team when those sports writers and broadcasters who make their living impugning and creating controversy tread lightl
y. What else can you do?

The Angels already had an unfortunate episode this week when a fan was killed during a fight in the stands. That news may not be enough to stun you, but it's always an unfortunate episode when there is a tragedy at a sporting event.

Now we find out that Angels rookie pitcher, Nick Adenhart and two other people were killed in a car accident after someone ran a red light and plowed into his car. Adenhart was only 22 years old and had just pitched a solid game for the Angels just hours before he was killed.

And to add more unfortunate news to the situation, the other driver tried to drive away after the accident. They were picked up a mile or so away from the accident. You don't run away from an accident unless you're drunk or have something to hide from the cops. No doubt that will come out as the investigation continues.

I don't mean to put Adenhart's life above the other people killed this week, he's just the one most people kn

The only reason he was up in the majors is because both Angels ace pitchers are on the DL. So the Angles brought Adenhart up to fill in and he proved that he would indeed be in the big leagues one day.

Now he's gone and both starting pitchers are still injured, the team is already dealing with the fan's death, and the team is already wearing black patches on the uniform to honor long time coach and scout, Preston Gomez who died this winter.

At this point, maybe the Angels should just wear black uniforms. And there are still 160 games to go.

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  1. It always hits me hard when current athletes die. When I was a little kid, they all seemed immortal, and despite the best efforts of Terrell Owens, Mark McGwire, Travis Henry, and (fill-in-the-blank-with-any-one-of-an-insane-number-of-guys-over-the-past-twenty-years) to render me totally disillusioned and cynical, some remnant of this childlike hero worship remains, and I feel a twinge of it when tragedies like this occur. It's just sad news.