Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stone Hands Finds A New Home

What's the deal with the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets? I know Browns coach Eric Mangini came from the Jets, but New York head coach Rex Ryan wasn't working with him there.

Yet here we go with another big trade between the two organizations. First, the Jets trade with Cleveland on draft day in order to grab quarterback Mark Sanchez. Now the Browns send ole Braylon "Stone Hands" Edwards to the Big Apple in exchange for Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik, and a few draft picks.

Edwards has All-Pro talent, but in Cleveland he has valued foofaraw over production. Browns fans probably aren't too sad to see Edwards take his pass dropping skills away from Ohio. In New York he gets a fresh start and a last chance to prove that he's worth his hype.

Meanwhile, Mangini is apparently obsessed with his former players on the Jets because he's now traded for five of them. The result is a wonderful winless record as the Browns are possibly the worst team in the league.

If Edwards becomes realizes even part of his potential, the Jets get themselves a big time playmaker in exchange for an average reciever, a special teams player, and a couple of mid-round draft choices. That's well worth the price.

Cleveland fans should hope that the New York Jets stop coming to the Brown's front door for a trade. New York already got the team's quarterback of the future while Cleveland fumbles around with Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Now the Jets may have a top flight wideout to make plays (if he can learn to catch a ball.)

Meanwhile, Cleveland gets more average players who might fit Mangini's system, but don't change a game. I know that Mangini is following the Bill Parcells blueprint of gathering players that believe in your system in order to change the culture of the locker room, but Mangini has no playmakers, so he's going to have to wait until next year's draft to find some. Time to go back to the drawing board....again.

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