Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beware Of Zombie Dan

Today's word for the day is triskaidekaphobia which is fear of the number 13, or as we know it in the sports world: fear of Dan Marino. It's a word pretty much impossible to use in every day conversation unless you are specifically describing someone who suffers from it (noted people include Mark Twain, Napoleon, and Herbert Hoover.)

The only time I can imagine seeing triskaidekaphobia in every day language is if quarterback Dan Marino became a zombie.

Perhaps he was infected being sacked by a zombie defender in his playing days, or he was bitten by Shannon Sharpe or Bill Cowher during the NFL pre-game show they all participate in. Either way, beware of zombie Dan because he is only the beginning of entire zombie quarterback apocalypse.

Today might be quarterbacks, but before you know it Olympic gymnists, cricketers, and beach volleyball players will be looking for braiiiiiins!

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