Thursday, October 15, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

I bet you think that title has to do with a struggling football team or the baseball playoffs. It doesn't.

It has to do with my personal number one nightmare in life.

The next time you punch a wall/table/loved one over the fetor of your struggling team, be happy that your bruised hand will heal back up. The next time you curse because you got up from the couch and cracked your leg against the coffee table, know that you'll be able to walk again.

The catalyst for these comments is the story about a three year old boy named Josh Scoble:

It's like a twisted power from X-Men, one that no one would ever want. Every day that goes by, more of Josh's muscles inexplicably turn to bone. Injuries make it worse. At least his parents are allowing Josh to enjoy his young life before it becomes hell on earth.

I think being imprisoned in my own body has to be the worst nightmare I've ever considered and doctors predict Josh will be unable to move by his 40's. It's not an spinal injury that an operation might make better over time. It's a disease that no one knows about and it's so rare that very few people care about it.

Just think to yourself: "what would I do if faced with this disease?" Would you stay with life until the ugly end, or would you eventually become incredibly interested in the works of Dr. Kevorkian?

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