Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Name Dropping

Anyone out there heard of Rachel Glandorf? If you say yes, you're either a obsessive Texas Longhorns fan, or you're a compulsive liar.

Until today.

Rick Reilly wrote an article about Texas quarterback Colt McCoy today during the build up to the big Texas/Oklahoma clash this Saturday. During the article, he felt the need to mention Colt McCoy's girlfriend by name and let us know that she's as hot as Indian food. He even gets her take on her boyfriend's popularity around the city of Austin.

If she were just another college student, you might think that this could lead to unwanted publicity and harrasment by the press.

The issue is that apparently, Ms. Glandorf appaerently wants to be part of the press. She's a track runner at Baylor (which is a bit unstable since Baylor is a Big 12 rival to Texas and she's always shown at Texas games wearing a Longhorns shirt. Where's the Baylor Bear pride?) and it seems she's be happy to be a sports reporter once school is done.

I don't know Ms. Glandorf and she might be the most pukka journalist in the country. But she'd better get ready for some backlash if she randomly ends up with a nice job in sports journalism next year. The entire journalism industry is nothing short of a disaster right now and there are more than a few talented journalists who are out of work. To have some hot blonde come out of school and grab a precious job will lead to many ugly thoughts. Thoughts that could follow Colt McCoy around wherever he ends up.

But we're in a recession, so I wouldn't blame her if she took a job she didn't necessarly earn. It's a nasty market out there and some people just have better opportunites.

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