Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deal Or No Deal?

Things just aren't ever easy when you're a noted dog killer. Mike Vick swears that he's now a adjuvant to society these days, but for some reason people don't believe him. Maybe it's because he lied through his teeth the first time he was questioned about his involvement with dog fighting.

Now Vick is back in the NFL playing for the Eagles and today we learned that he signed a new endorsement deal with Nike. Finally, things are looking up for him!

Apparently no one informed Nike of this because the shoe giant has denied actually signing Vick to a contract. The company only lent some of the products to him.

Time for Vick's agent to do some tap dancing because this might get a little embarrassing. Lots of news sources have already announced the endorsement deal and aren't going to be happy with a simple amendment of "well, he sort of did." Or maybe the newspapers will be happy. Another story for tomorrow!

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