Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NFL Noodling--Week 6

This is a SportsPants NFL wrap up session that involves silly teams and silly people. It's like a fun factory filled with violent, muscular men.

Week 6:

Biggest Matchup- New York Giants at New Orleans Saints. Best teams in the NFC? Uh not this week. Saints stomp all over the Giants' privates. Saints QB Drew Brees is a man beast.

Best Game- Minnesota almost had a meltdown. Baltimore came back from a deficit to nearly kick a game winning field goal to beat the Vikings in a hostile milieu. But they missed. So nevermind.

Biggest Joke 1- Philadelphia Eagles lose to....the Raiders? The RAIDERS? You lose to the Oakland Raiders?! That might have been an understandable score back in, say, 1980. These days Oakland has a fat quarterback who can't hit the side of a battleship with a pass. That loss is completely unforgivable. I was eliminated from my NFL pick'em league because of this damn game. Philly fans deserve to boo the team after this one.

Biggest Joke 2- Tennesee Titans may or may not have showed up to play the Patriots, I can't get confirmation. All I know is I lost my fantasy game because my opponent had Tom $*%*@ Brady. 380 yards and six touchdowns in a little over one half of work. One damn half. The Titans quit. Screw them.

Hero of the Day- Thomas Jones- New York Jets. Ran for 210 yards to help his struggling team.

Goat of the Day- Mark Sanchez- New York Jets. Unfortunately, Thomas Jones' big rushing day was in a losing effort because Mr. Golden arm quarterback forgot which team he played for and threw five interceptions. Who are you Mark, Jake Delhomme?

Moron Watch- Brandon Marshall of the Broncos never disappoints in this department. After being interfered with on Monday Night, the hot head wide reciever decided to kick the football drawing an unsportsmanlike penalty and negating the interference call. Someone please punch him.

It's about time I give Denver the Mile High Salute. No one thought that team would be .500 by now let alone undefeated. Well done, Josh McDaniels. Now go punch Brandon Marshall.

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