Friday, August 14, 2009

Still No Love?

Make no mistake, the Michael Vick signing was a solid move by the Philadelphia Eagles. They got Vick for a one year deal with an option for two. Now Vick can come in for change-up situations and if Donovan McNabb gets hurt again, the Eagles have a capable backup.

In theory.

In reality, the Eagles just kicked Donovan McNabb in the crotch yet again. He is under contract for two more years. He'll be 34 when the current deal ends. Michael Vick is under contract for two more years. He'll be 31 when his deal is up.

Two men enter, one man will leave.

It's perfect for the Eagles. They get to try out an athletic stud for two years. If he's lost a step and can't play at a high level anymore, they can dump him after a year and go back to business as usual. If Vick still has that rocket arm and the unbelievable celerity when he leaves the pocket, the Eagles will have a new quarterback.

So now McNabb, the quarterback that was booed mercilessly by Eagles fans when he was selected in the draft, a man who has been unceremoniously benched, a franchise quarterback who survived a barrage of insults by Terrell Owens, a Pro-Bowler who's had more ups and downs with his team than a manic depressive, now has two years to fend off a man who was once regarded as the ultimate weapon in the league.

I know the NFL isn't about job security, but this is ridiculous.

Sure McNabb has been to five NFC Championship games and has only won once, he's erratic with his passes sometimes, he can make some bad decisions, but he's a borderline top five NFL quarterback. Who's better? Peyton Manning and Tom Brady obviously, maybe Ben Toothlessburger, but who else?

Drew Brees? Didn't even make the playoffs last year.

Phillip Rivers? Never been to the big game and was the quarterback of a great Chargers team that was upset in the playoffs by New England a few years ago.

Eli Manning? Suffers from dumb face and has as many ups and downs as McNabb

Tony Romo? Please. Win a playoff game first.

Jay Cutler? Whiny little punk. No playoffs.

Kurt Warner? Talk about ups and he could break in half this year.

Every one of those other quarterbacks are the unquestioned leader of their teams. Meanwhile, McNabb has been thrown to the wolves over and over again. The team used a high draft pick on Kevin Kolb to be the quarterback of the future. Now they signed Vick. Does that sound like the actions of a team set at quarterback?

McNabb has his faults for sure, but doesn't he deserve just a little love? Hello? Anyone?

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