Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking For The Pat Boone Of Blogging (Who's Pat Boone?)

First things first: If you don't know who Pat Boone is, he's a nice conservative, Christian, white boy who in the 1950's who covered the hits by black artists like Fats Domino and Little Richard. Record companies decided that white America wasn't ready for the black folk, so the great white hope was sent out to make the soul hits more.....honkeyesque.

But that was in the 1950's. Today with all of the different information outlets opened up, people have stopped trying to force feed people what they think you want to hear, right?


University of Colorado officials decided to create a blog profiling a member of the Buffs football team. They settled on senior defensive back Ben Burney who would blog about the life of a CU football player throughout the season. I thought it was a great idea.

Then Burney wrote his first blog entry. Shockingly, college football players sleep with women.

Burney began his blog with a story of waking up next to a woman in bed and lamenting the fact that the fun filled college lifestyle was about to end with the start of football season. He mentioned a tear-stained goodbye to his libido as the regimented life of a disciplined football player was starting up.

Apparently that was the wrong way to talk. Burney was pulled off the blog and had his only entry censored.


Are there fans out there so happily unaware that they think college football players don't have sex? Please.

Censoring Burney just shows that the CU folks who wanted to blog about the life of a football player didn't actually want us to hear about the life of a football player. They wanted us to hear about tackling drills and ankle taping. Seen it. Lived it. Not that interesting to talk about.

I can only guess people were worried that some eight year old Buffs fan might read Burney's blog and have their world turned upside down which would lead to angry parents giving negative attention the football program. Instead, officials have taken what could have been an original cynosure that looked into the real life of college football players and cut it's legs off.

Now all that blog represents is the people in charge at CU aren't ready, or don't think we're ready for reality. Instead, they might as well just blog about Tim Tebow some more.

It's just like the 1950's.


  1. Man, I really want to rip Tim Tebow right here. Can he please just do something human for once, just fuck up in some way? All I have is that people think he won't be a good NFL QB. Arrrggh. Fuck Florida.

  2. Oh, and related to Brad's actual post, I agree. Stupid of CU.