Friday, July 31, 2009

Enough Please

I have nothing against college quarterback and world savior Tim Tebow. He's a great player and natural leader who has a nose for the goal line. Off the field, he seems to be a genuinely nice guy who does good things in the world and won't be arrested for playing with firearms at two a.m. in front of a strip club.

But I'm begging people to please stop talking about him as this sui generis being sent from the football heavens to grace us. The more articles I read about Tebow's greatness, the more I dislike him.

Tebow himself has done nothing wrong (apparently ever), but from the moment he announced he was returning for his senior season, Tebow has overshadowed every other part of the college football off-season.

Heisman trophy winner Sam Bradford is returning for his senior season? Who cares, let's talk Tebow!

Colt McCoy has returned to help Texas avenge last year's BCS debacle with Oklahoma? Whatever, Timmy Tebow is still around!

USC might get busted for a legion of NCAA violations? Let's see, does Tim Tebow live in California? T
hen forget about it!

Do I sound l
ike some bitter college fan who is just jealous? Probably. I don't begrudge Tebow his off-season in the sun, I just don't like the fact that he suddenly seems to be bigger than college football. It's as if the game has never seen anyone great before.

Remember Matt Leinart, Herschel Walker, Archie Griffin, Billy Sims? All were amazing college players who won Heismans and championships. Tebow is college greatness, but he's far from

By now you've all heard of how Tebow is the son of a missionary and spends his off-seasons helping the poor starving kids of third world nations as well as preaching to inmates in prison. Great. I'm glad Tebow is being constructive with his time as opposed to what I did in college which amounted to a quest for alcohol and boobs.

By the way, Arizona State quarterback Samson Szakacsy writes his own music, acts in student films, and writes fashion columns during his spare time. Both McCoy and Bradford give motivational speeches to kids and people down on their luck just as Tebow does. You just never hear about these guys because all you see are stories about TIM FREAKIN TEBOW!

Congratulations Mr. Tebow. You are a good football player and a great human being. I should have nothing against you. But when I see your face in every magazine from Sports Illustrated to Rolling Stone, I can't help but root against you. Please pray for me.

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  1. What about my boy Troy Smith? Heisman winner and never got in trouble.

    So what if Tebow is a God Loving man, so is T.O. and we all know how he turned out