Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome Back, But Don't Expect Any Pom Pom Waving

Michael Vick is back. He's eligible to play again after he serves out his six game suspension. Good for him.

Don't expect me to cheer.

I'm glad Vick gets a second chance at his life. He claims to
have learned a lot from his prison sentence and often people who've actually done time become the biggest proponents of sound judgment in life. Vick doesn't deserve to be ostracized from the NFL forever because of one big mistake.

Just don't look for me to jump on his bandwagon.

I'm a proponent of what's fair. My logical side says that Vick served out his time, he suffer
ed financially and had to leave his livelihood in the prime of his career. He should now be allowed to put that chapter of his life behind him without us constantly reminding him of it.

I'm also the owner of a wonderful puppy. My fatherly side says that son of a bitch has a screw loose and should never be allowed near another animal again. Not even in a zoo.

I know Vick grew up in a different environment than I did. I know that to a lot of poor black kids, the term dog evokes images of a terrifying police dog ready to pounce if let off the leash. It's an unfortunate issue and one that I hope will get resolved for good. But blame the owners for that because the dogs are just doing what they've been taught.

If you've ever had a dog, you know what's up. A dog isn't just some filthy animal constantly sniffing around for any kind of sapid object, whether it's food or a pile of poop. They are the most loyal and loving creatures around if treated right.

You are your dog's life. Everything they do is based on you. If a dog is chewing up the house, it's probably because you aren't paying enough attention to him and he's upset. The favorite part of a dog's day is when you wake up or walk in the door. They just want your love and attention and will do whatever they can to get it.

This is why I'm so taken aback anytime I hear about abuses to the animals. Someone who willingly causes harm to a creature devoted and reliant on you awakens my vengeful side. These are the times when I imagine tying up the abuser to a tree in 100 degree weather and a beating them constantly with a stick to see how long they can handle it.

Vick was one of these people, which is why he is such a flash point for controversy. Many people consider their dogs to be their kids and to hear what Vick did causes a huge emotional reaction. My girlfriend still refuses to even mention Vick's name.

So in the name of justice, I welcome Vick back to the NFL. In the name of pet fatherhood, I warn him not to expect a standing ovation from me.

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