Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yankees Fan: "Well lookie heah at dat! Big Papi AND Man-Ram on da stehoids? Yaw title is tainted baby! Yanks rule!"

Red Sox Fan: "Big deal. Eveh heard of A-rawd? Giambi? Rah-gah Clemons? Hello pawt, it's the friggn kettle! You say ahwr titles ahwr tainted, youhs ahr just as dihrty!"

Every other baseball fan: "Will you two ever shut the f*#% up? I'm sooo sick and tired of Yankees/Red Sox talk being the center of the baseball universe. It's all tainted! Everything baseball is tainted since hair bands were popular! Now go play with yourselves!"

Texas Rangers fan: "Oh look! It's almost football season!"

You get the
point. Yes, Big Papi is the latest major leaguer to be found guilty of weezing the juice. He apparently cheated. Is anyone surprised? Seriously, are you stunned by any name comes out?

Every baseball player from the steroid era is guilty until proven innocent by now. If you didn't do steroids, you have to go out of your way to prove your innocence. Talking about it doesn't do anything, Big Papi was gung-ho about banning users from the game until this news came out; Raphael Palmeiro lied to everyone with aplomb about his involvement with the drugs.

As a fan, I don't care what a player says anymore, to me everyone in that era is somehow guilty. It's a negative stance to take, but it's one I think most fans now have. We don't want to hear about who was and wasn't using back then.
We just want it to stop.

Let Barry Bonds claim his innocence while he has the head of a T-Rex, let Mark Mc
Guire let the past be the past even though he profited as much as anyone from the power numbers put up. Jose Canseco can keep ratting out former teammates for book deals until he's blue in the face, I'm over it.

We will cross the steroid bridge again any time a player from the past two decades is up for the Hall of Fame. We will get more than our fill of this talk. Until then, can baseball please just get it's damn act together and move on before it completes the transformation from national pastime to national joke? Until then, I hear football season is starting.

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