Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Brother Is Apparently Watching

We just celebrated Independence Day, but apparently Nike thinks we live in China (which makes sense I guess since that part of the world is where most Nike products are made.)

According to Gary Parrish of CBSsportsline, LeBron James got posterized on the wrong side of a wicked dunk by Xavier's Jordan Crawford at the LeBron James Skills Academy. Basically, the King got dunked on in his own castle.

Hey, this stuff happens. There are a lot of talented basketball players out there and it's only a matter of time before you get shown up on a play. It's not like Crawford did it over and over again. It was one amazing feat where Crawford reached his apogee and made a highlight play over one of the top players in the game. One that I'm sure lots of basketball fans would love to relive on youtube.

Too bad. Nike confiscated the tape.

According to Parrish, as soon as the play went down, Nike officials at the camp went about quickly demanding all the video from the cameramen. No one will ever see that play.

I hope to God I'm missing some part of this story.

If this story turns out to be true, I will NEVER buy another Nike product ever again. I hope everyone follows suit so Nike executives can "Witness" the company taking a complete bath.

And LeBron doesn't get out of this either. It's easy to just assume LeBron was busy and had no idea what was going on with the video issue, but this is LeBron's academy and he will eventually get wind of this story. He could ask Nike to go ahead and release the video....if he had any balls.

But this is a man who claims he wouldn't shake hands after his team lost to the Orlando Magic because he's a winner. He's obviously not used to being shown up and perhaps his inflated ego can't handle someone actually being better than him for even a play. He's always been the b
est so that's how it has to be.

If this video isn't released or isn't at least resolved, I will root for the complete failure of Nike and will probably root against LeBron for the rest of his career, fair or not. I've had it up to my neck with King James' ego and nothing would be more wonderful than to watch that man get humbled in the face of a ringless NBA career.

Then again, I've always rooted against Kobe and we see how well that turned out.....can you just release the damn video, Nike? That way I can put down my revolutionary flag and go on about my life.

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