Thursday, July 2, 2009

How To Not Choose Wisely (In A Funny Way)

Question: How can you ensure that NFL administrators will watch you like hawks before you've even had a tryout with an NFL team?

Answer: When you're Canadian Football League receiver (and former Minnesota Golden Gopher) Arland Bruce who set new standards for post game vagary.

Bruce caught a touchdown pass, quickly stripped off his helmet and shoulder pads, and laid down on the ground in a burial position. His tribute to Michael Jackson:

He apparently tried to bleach himself on the sideline before coaches intervened.

I say well done, Arland. He didn't use a prop and the celebration didn't take any longer than the Lambeau Leap. If only the NFL would let players have some semblance of an endzone celebration. Let Ocho Cinco do the Riverdance:

Let Chris Johnson run into the stands and play the drums with a band:

And then we can all have fun as watching a Canadian football player pretending to be dead.

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  1. Does that mean my celebratory tribute to Najeh Davenport would be legal? What counts as a prop?