Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feeding The Beast

Did you ever see the movie Desperado? It's a movie about Antonio Banderas wondering around Mexico with long hair and a guitar/gun case, talking in a sexy voice to all the ladies.

During one opening scene, Steve Buscemi walks into a Mexican bar full of thugs and unfortunate humans. He launches into a detailed story about this mysterious man who walked into a similar bar a few towns away and killed every single miscreant in there. By the end of the story, every patron in the bar is hanging on Buscemi's words a
bout this larger than life destroyer of bad men. The man is just Antonio Banderas, but the story that proceeded him had every man shaking in their boots at this mysterious man's abilities.

That is the direction this story about Jordan Crawford dunking over LeBron James is headed. The play was probably just a simple instance of LeBron getting a slow jump at Crawford. This was a camp after all, it's not like this was an NBA playoff game. It wasn't even a regular season game. I bet if I saw the footage of Crawford's dunk, my reaction would be: "huh".

But no
w that Nike and James have confiscated the tape, they have played right into the jaws that is the 24 hour sports news channel. With a constant need to fill time, the unknown is actually more coveted than the known by the ESPN's of the world. Thanks to the mysterious aspect now attached to it, this alleged dunk has taken on a life of it's own.

Maybe if the attention keeps getting bestowed onto him, Crawford might actually jump several spots up on the NBA draft charts. All because of a pickup dunk that no one can see.

Even Kobe Bryant is getting some face time thanks to his NBA rival:

And it's all because of the great LeBron cover up. My God Nike, you people should know this stuff. In the media world, when a fire starts, you let it burn itself out quickly. Instead you've just given the thing an entire off-season worth of speculation which happens to be it's favorite food.

It's not a good off-season to be the King.

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