Friday, August 28, 2009

College Pants Preview

I'm well aware that there a some of you out there like myself who get all sorts of delectation out of watching college football. Any major team will do. If it's a big game, let me at it.

Then there are those of you (I'm looking at my northeastern peeps here) who have difficulty caring one bit about college football. Call you when these guys get to the NFL.

Most of you are in between. You follow your alma mater/state school passionately, but if you live in Nashville, you really don't care what happens in the big west coast game unless it affects your team.

Well, I say enjoy it. College football has just as many storylines as the NFL and while the NCAA is not nearly as clean in picking a champion as the pros are, that makes the arguments that much more interesting. Florida loses a game and suddenly five other teams have a claim to be number one.

CBS Sportsline writer Dennis Dodd came out with a basic list of storylines to follow in college football this year. Most of them will be obvious to college football fans: Who can beat Florida, who will win the Texas/OU game, will Lane Kiffin EVER shut up, the sainthood of Tim Tebow, etc.

He does have a fun list of the all-name team this year. Check out these gems:


QB: Ju-Ju Clayton, Virginia Tech
RB-LeGarrette Blount, Oregon
RB: Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State
WR: Dane Sanzenbacher, Ohio State
WR: Kito Poblah, Central Michigan
OL: Caleb Schla
uderaff, Utah
OL: Sampson Genus, South Florida

OL: Selvish Capers, West Virginia
OL: Pontus Bondeson, Duke
OL: Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech
TE: Michael Hoomanawanui, Illinois

DL: Cordarrow Thompson, Virginia Tech
DL: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
DL: Oscar Ponce de Leon, Tulane
DL: Jerzy Siewierski, UCLA
LB: Quillie Odom, Virginia Tech
LB: Ovid Goulbourne, West Virginia
LB: Bear Woods, Troy
DB: Ochuko Jenije, Florida State
DB: Guesly Dervil, West Virginia

DB: Knowledge Timmons, Penn State
DB: Boubacar Cissoko, Michigan

Special teams
K: San San Te, Rutgers
P: Kase Whitehead, Marshall
R: Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State

And, of course, the pre-season top 25 and each team's odds to win the National Title so you can laugh when one of them loses:

1. Florida (2/1)
2. Texas (13/2)
3. Oklahoma (9/2)
4. USC (6/1)
5. Alabama (16/1)
6. Ohio State (10/1)
7. Virginia Tech (17/1)
8. Penn State (40/1)
9. LSU (20/1)
10. Mississippi (35/1)
11. Oklahoma State (45/1)
12. California (50/1)
13. Georgia (50/1)
14. Oregon (35/1)
15. Georgia Tech (50/1)
16. Boise State (100/1)
17. TCU (N/A)
18. Utah (75/1)
19. Florida State (20/1)
20. North Carolina (65/1)
21. Iowa (70/1)
22. Nebraska (45/1)
23. Notre Dame (25/1)
24. Brigham Young (N/A)
25. Oregon State (150/1)

Give me Texas or Alabama and the points. No good reason, just because I don't want to pick Florida and for some reason Ohio State has better odds to win than Alabama because it's in a crappy Big 10 conference which just seems wrong. Now go start tailgating so you can be sauced by gametime.

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