Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not A Good Foundation To Rebuild On

On a day when New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress finally agreed to serve two years in prison for shooting himself in his own leg, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are running out of young players in their secondary due to further silly behavior.

First, third year free safety Tanard Jackson gets busted for abusing substances. Now, ESPN is reporting that young cornerback Aqib Talib has been arrested on battery charges for punching a cab driver in the head. This isn't even the first time Talib has been involved with idiot violent behavior. During a brawl during practice, Talib swing his helmet at a teammate, but hit an innocent bystander instead. Oops. He even got into a fight with a teammate at the NFL rookie symposium. That's a good impression to make.

So the Bucs now have a free safety that will miss four games because of substance abuse and they have a bona fide idiot at defensive back.

I will not perorate any further on this subject, but I will as the following question: Is this why you released aging All-Pro linebacker Derrick Brooks for? So the defense can devolve into this nonsense?

Somewhere the Bucs pirate is crying from under his eye-patch as he slowly lowers the cannon on his ship while the sail slowly flaps in the Florida breeze. Sad.

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