Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ah, the Wonderful Sports Fan Superstions

I'm a superstitious sports watcher.

I'm sure I drive my girlfriend crazy with all of my shenanigans on game day. In everyday life, I'm a fairly logical person. During a big game, I suddenly turn all OCD and begin repeating movements and mumbling to myself like Rainman.

I think most sports fans have some bizarre habits like this. If you're sitting in one chair and your team is move chairs. Simple. If you scratch your butt and there is a big play, you start scratching your butt before every big m
oment. Shirts are changed, plates of food are rotated, beer types are switched, the dog is let in or put outside, cats are shaved... it's really sick and fun to watch.

Now there is word out of South Carolina that a lady started a little tradition that s
he tried to bring to the masses of Panther country:

Julie Maloney is advocating "Pants off for the Panthers" which is her own personal pants off dance off. Julie discovered years ago (during the Panthers Super Bowl run of 2004
), that when she neglected to wear anything on the bottom half of her body, the ole boys from Charlotte won. The pants off mojo was confirmed when Maloney went to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl. Being a lady, she wore jeans that night and the Panthers lost to the Patriots.

These days Maloney goes pantsless with every opportunity. She generally stays home to watch games which cuts down on the arrests, but even when she's out, Maloney tries to circumvent the pants rule by wearing skirts. It helped the Panthers achieve the 2nd best record in the NFC this season.

No word if Maloney was wearing pants by accident when the Panthers lost to the Cardinals. She can take solace in the fact that Jake Delhomme was also wearing pants which is no doubt why he threw 34 interceptions that game.

The Cardinals are a team of destiny my friends. They took out the Pants off tradition. Now it's time for them to take out the great Philly get incarcerated for being an obnoxious ass because I'm so miserable tradition.

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