Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tell Me Why!

You've heard the statement about how there are two sides to a story and the truth is usually in the middle. I'm sure that's true in every sport including the NFL.

Peyton Manning is probably not as pleasant is he comes across in his 305 commercials. Ray Lewis probably doesn't actually eat children like I guess he does.

Same thing goes for the owners though I'm convinced most of them are rich men looking for a buck or an ego boost. But many do charitable work and create foundations that we don't consider when we criticize them for some of their business decisions.

Some owners though just seem like really unlikable folks. Washington Redskins owner tops that list for me. Since he bought the team I've considered him one of the most despicable owners in all of sports. He very well could be number one if the old dehydrated Darth Vader didn't exist out in Raiderland.

Even former Redskins are warning us on Snyder. Former running back John Riggins said that Snyder is just a bad guy with a dark heart. I know Riggins is an outspoken guy, but those accusations are strong even for him.

Just when I assumed Snyder was as bad as a person can get, Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blanche vehemently defended him. This wasn't the maundering of a company guy just trying to tow the line. This was someone who was offended by the perception of the Redskins owner.

Okay! I'm interested. I want to know what makes Blanche say that Snyder is one of the most generous people he's ever met. I really do. I might be completely missing something that Snyder has done.

The problem is that Blanche refused any further questions.

That's not cool, man. I really want to know what makes Snyder generous to someone. The Snyder I watch has dressed down coaches in front of others, demoted current coach Jim Zorn in favor of a guy who was calling Bingo numbers earlier this year, and let his starting quarterback twist in the end for the entire off-season. He has confiscated signs that paying fans brought to the game and there are reports of him threatening play by play guys from other teams for saying anything bad about him. I've seen first hand how miserable employees of his media stations are. I can't say that is definitely his fault, but office atmosphere often starts from the top down.

So what is so good about the guy? I actually want to know, but Blanche isn't talking. That only lessens the power of his words. Let me know and I'll take another look. If not, I'll just go with what I've seen.

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