Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dance Of The Jilted

This weekend TCU will visit Utah in a college football game that involves last year's jilted girlfriend versus the flavor of the season this year who will probably be dumped once the bowl schedule comes out.

Last year Utah went 13-0 and smashed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. That started the clamoring for justice in the bowl system. After all, Florida played Oklahoma for the championship and both teams had lost.

Of course, both teams played in much tougher conferences where week in and week out was a battle to the end.

One side of those arguing say that it's hard to go undefeated anywhere and what's the point of having a football program in a lesser conference if you won't get a chance for a national championship try.

The other side says that if you stuck Utah in the SEC or Big 12, that team would have maybe been .500 because it's much different playing one game against a good team as opposed five over a two month span.

Both sides agree that last year's Sugar Bowl outcome asseverates the need for some sort of tournament for college football. But you won't see that any time soon, so stop wasting your energy until there might be a chance.

Meanwhile, TCU is preparing for the same disappointment at the end of this season. When asked about the possiblity of going undefeated only to miss a chance at a championship, the undefeated (and ranked #5) Horned Frogs were mum on the subject. Coach Gary Patterson told the Dallas morning news that he isn't going to make a big deal out of it like Utah did last year because it won't do any good to complain.

Maybe. But if TCU gets by Utah this weekend, the Horned Frogs wheel might get just a little bit squeakier. It won't matter, the Horned Frogs won't play for the National Championship. College football just doesn't like the little man. If TCU wins it's bowl though, it could raise some thoughts among the college football elite that maybe a small school team might actually someday belong with the giants.

First though, TCU has to get passed last year's girlfriend. Chick fight.

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