Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Was It Worth It Lane?

Remember 9 months ago when Lane Kiffin called out Urban Meyer for cheating? To refresh your memory, Kiffin was recruiting a blue chip player on the Tennessee campus when said player got a call from Meyer down at Florida. For some reason, Kiffin thought that was cheating and he gleefully told a group of Vol boosters that the player had signed with Tennessee despite Meyers attempts to cheat.

That got Kiffin into trouble with the conference and he was forced to issue an apology for being a dumbass. Clearly unfazed by his mistake, Kiffin has perseverated his headline making ways through this season.

Maybe now he'll be speechless.

That player whom Kiffin was recruiting when Meyer called was Nu'Keese Richardson (no relation to Nu'Kar Richardson). Kiffin was so gleeful when he signed with the Vols, and now Kiffin gets to be the one to dismiss Richardson from the team because he attempted to commit armed robbery.

Thus ends the first saga of Lane and Urban: An attempt at armed robbery and a dismissal from the team.

Perhaps the next recruiting battle will be for aggravated assault.

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  1. At least Kiffin's passed a critical VOLS coaching milestone in dealing with a student/criminal athlete :>