Friday, November 6, 2009

This Week In News Of The Asshat

SportsPants is a well rounded fellow. Maybe not rounded, at least not a complete 90 degree angle. I occasionally feel the need to discuss things that happen outside of the sports world.

For instance, I like to discuss when the father of, say, Michael Jackson, decides that he deserves lots of money from his son's estate despite the fact that his son didn't leave him anything.

I think I know why Jackson left nothing for his dad. I recall reading about how Joe Jackson liked to play a little stickball with his kids....his kids being the ball. I don't know all the details, so I won't pretend to, but Michael Jackson was a little screwed up (understatement) and I'm guessing the events of his childhood may have had something to do with it.

A few days after Michael died, his dad was so broken up over the sudden death of his son, he went plug his new record company during the felicitous moment when there are a bunch of news cameras around. It was a real heartfelt tear-jerker of a moment.

Now Jackson is up in arms because he's not getting rich off of his son's death. How rich?

Well, Joe Jackson says he needs a MONTHLY stipend that consists of:

-- $2,500 for eating out
-- $2,000 for air travel
-- $3,000 for hotel bills
-- $1,000 for groceries
-- $1,200 for rent
-- $50 in charitable contributions

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