Monday, June 8, 2009

That's Enough Cleanup, Now Back To The Usual

Ah. An improved Dallas Cowboys team in the locker room and probably in the newspapers...sounded good right?

Just a few months ago, Jerry Jones announced that he was changing up the Cowboys roster in th
e name of team chemistry. Out was T.O. the team destroyer and Pacman, the player who magnetically attracts trouble. The roster may not be as talented, but the Cowboys were going to make a go of the "team" thing Jones has read about.

It apparently didn't even take the full off-season for ole Jones to tergiversate his new found position. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Jerry might be looking to bring back Pacman Jones
for another run through Valley Ranch (since the first go round was SO successful).

This is a man who had an All-Pro year in Tennessee, yet was still let go. Amazingly, the Titans went 14-2 without his services last year.

Jones came to Dallas and gave the Cowboys zero interceptions and averaged less than five yards on punt returns, not good numbers for a defender who i
s supposed to be a play maker. What really did Pacman in was his six game suspension after a scuffle in a Dallas hotel. All of this AFTER his year long suspension for an array of various bone headed decisions off the field which led to his trade from Tennessee.

I don't care what you think Jones can do for the Cowboys, the guy clearly
hasn't learned his lesson after the multiple chances he's been given.

But he is talented. And Jerry Jones knows that if Pacman is gone from the roster, it will be up to him to replace that missing talent with a solid draft pick since Jerry is the general manager of the Cowboys. Uh-oh.

I guess they need Pacman and his problems after all.

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